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Hearts Collide Will Take Place in Highland Park on Feb. 8 

Los Angeles, CA…January 27, 2014…Hearts Collide is a one-night show featuring two artists and lifelong friends, Ellice Ruiz and Jeanette Getrost. The show will highlight original artwork and prints with a Valentine curated theme to fuse the forces of two individual artists. Hearts Collide will take place from 6 – 10 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 8, at Meridian in Highland Park at 5007 ½ York Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif.

Ellice Ruiz (born 1987) lives and works in Los Feliz, Calif. After receiving her B.A. in art history from Pepperdine University in 2013, Ellice embarked on a journey traveling through Hawaii, South America and the American Southwest to seek new perspectives and sunsets all while starting the next chapter of her life. After five long months of being on the road, Ellice moved back to her beloved east side of Los Angeles, where she works as a showroom assistant and freelance designer. Ellice’s work focuses on the relationship between order and chaos. Although vibrant and often times minimal, each piece seems as though she is trying to find the balance between spontaneous paint application and deliberate lines.

Jeanette Getrost (born 1988) is a fashion and children’s book illustrator living in Echo Park, Calif. Jeanette received her B.A. in journalism from California State University, Northridge in 2011, and spent her post-collegiate career working for art galleries and fashion brands in Los Angeles. In 2013, she made the bold choice of leaving the nine-to-five workforce to pursue her dream as a freelance illustrator. Jeanette aims for simplicity in her work, which is often gestural with a fluid line and splash of color.

The show Hearts Collide is a symbol of two friends living out their dreams together.  “We’ve always dreamt of collaborating artistically,” said Ellice Ruiz. “We chose the Valentine theme to sort of provide a common ground that made sense for our works to exhibit together.” Hearts Collide is the work of the bright, young, female artists and exudes the fun-loving, over-flowing passion that these two have for their craft.

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