I heard that there may not be a Jearmin week this winter, and I thought to myself ‘This cannot stand!’  What would December be without Jearmin Week? So get ready folks, ‘cause I’m setting one up.

Send this blog asks with your ideas for the daily prompts! As many as your heart desires, preferably open-ended non-AU ones. Anon is on, so don’t be shy! The ask will be open until midnight on October 31st. We will compile a list and create a poll for everyone to vote for their favorite prompts on November 1st through the 5th.

Jearmin Week begins on Monday December 15th and runs through Sunday December 21st. The results will be posted as soon as possible to give everyone time to get their creative energy flowing.

It’s just me, Helmhammerhand, running this as of right now, with an generous amount of help from the lovely Aespren and art generously supplied by Chimeradeimos and Vampire Armin. If you’re interested in lending a hand, send a message to this blog or my personal!

Viva la Jearmin Week!!

"Jean, do you even know how to dance?"
“Shaddup freckleface. Not like you’re much better, ha ha!”

Jeanmarco Week day 3 prompt: Homecoming
This prompt was really difficult to do, not gonna lie. I’m not too familiar with “homecoming”, nor did I have much time to come up with a unique idea, so here’s a stereotypical portrayal of homecoming.

anonymous said:

wow Marco mun got really thin compared to the last time you posted about him. any tips?? :D


Marco: Sasha steals all my food!


Jean: I keep telling you, when she goes for your plate, get her in the hand. She’ll get the message!


Marco: But that’s so mean!

Jean: No, it’s self-preservation! You can’t end up wasting away!