jealous liam


even in the shortest clip of them there is still Larry..

Louis stop making Harry jealous! Pinch his nipples not Liam’s yeah?

Jealous Liam masterpost

I promised to do a jealous Liam masterpost when I did the Jealous Zayn one,so here it is people,enjoy :

First,we should talk about Possessive Liam :

I laugh every time I see this one I swear,idk about Liam,but me when I use :) it’s because I’m very very pissed off,so I call it the Fake smile.

Now,move on to Liam “can’t stand Zarry” Payne :

From the beginning 

He hated it 


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liam serious face when he is writhing to seeing where is zayn kissing the interviewer

and liam serious face when he stop of talk when he see that paris is kissing zayn’s face

If a looks could kill someone she’d be dead

liam is such a little jealous

none of that gifs are mine

all credits to the owners