life moment

Coming back from Los Angeles made me want to rethink my life , im going simple plain jane as some might say , im throwing all my clothes and shoes away or give them to the homeless which is an exstensive collection of about 300 + pairs of shoes and about 500 articles of clothing , im just gonna keep my Roshes and a couple signature pieces, a fewleather jeackets and two hoodies two pairs of denim and three white shirts.
im tired of trying to impress people when they should just care about me instead of my material items. im tired of looking for love in the wrong places, im tired of going to work and people looking over my ideas or not spprecoating my creative mind and hard work.

i made a list:
1. Stretch in the mornings
2. Eat a Healthy Breakfast
3. Take time to Breathe
4. Invest
5. Get more involved in the community
6. Plant A Garden
7. Drink WAter
8. Moisturize
9. Run
10. Travel more