This is a drawing of my hope Jung Hoseok/Hoseok Jung/JHORSE from BANGTAN
Aww man im starting to really really like jhope like da’hell bangtan always ruining my bias list 
I find that when ever I draw a member I like them even more cuz’ all im thinking about is that one member lol… then i realize its hard to have a bias in bangtan REAL HARD 

man this guy is soooo happy all the time it just makes me smile BUT DONT LET THAT FOOL YOU he make look innoceent on the outside but if you had watched the 2nd AHL EPISODE DEAR LORD UNDER ALL THAT SHAMELESS AEGYO IS-IS-SSIA SA 

 « lol bad representation
i wish he would sing more often he really does have a great voice BBUT IM NOT COMPLAING ABOUT HIS RAP OR ANYTHING IM DEFINATLY FINE WITH THAT line gotta chill with his girl group dance doe(its okay keep doing it actually 

He’s the never ending sunshine to my arteries

The majestic stallion to my lungs

Hes my Hope and your hope( also hes our horse too)


MR . dumbass #3 (dont worry i mean it in the nicest way possible 

~sigh bangtan why?
p.s dont end up like me kids

Hope you like it!!<3

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His English is adorable😍😍😍😗😙😘😚😛
**not mine**
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