I like to switch up what people are seeing, I don’t want them to see too many choreographed numbers in a row. I want there to be dynamic changes throughout the whole show like you won’t see a full show of nothing but choreographed dances. There are are going to be some acoustic numbers, there are going to be some of just me and the band, there are some where it’s just focused only on what I’m doing performing. You have to switch it up cause people get bored. More easily in 2015 than ever before. — Taylor on the 1989 tour.

understanding the different components in ur chart
  • im making one because i saw a few i disagree with. (i do like a few though)
  • Sun:YOU, ego, consciousness, personality, action.
  • Moon:feelings, unconscious, intuition, reaction.
  • Mercury:logic, thinking, communication.
  • Venus:love, romance, "feminine" side, social interactions, aesthetics, affection.
  • Mars:aggression, passion, forcefulness, "masculine" side.
  • Jupiter:optimism, expansion, luck, the big picture, confidence.
  • Saturn:responsibility, limitation, order, restriction, lessons, realism
  • Uranus:higher thought, individuality, psychic powers, unpredictability, innovation.
  • Neptune:idealism, spirituality, religion, fantasy.
  • Pluto:money, sexuality, the shadow/dark side, transformation, growth.
  • ASC:"door of perception" how you view the world, how the world views you (naturally)
  • IC:where we come from, early life that shaped us.
  • DESC:one-to-one relationships, attraction and/or repulsion.
  • MC:what we aim for, what we want to be seen as, what we want to achieve.
She smiled. Even though the world wanted to knock her down and drown her.
—  Can I quote myself?? I’m going to do it anyway. Tilly Booth. Sentences, demanding to be known but unable to work it’s way into my story.