when you have somebody who tries to understand you despite how hard it is to be with you, it’s just amazing. That no matter how moody you are, no matter how you over think things or when you’re being so sensitive, they still choose to be with you. I guess people like that are angels in disguise that makes you realize that some people would do anything just to make you feel that not everyone’s going to give up on you, that not everyone’s the same.


Paris doesn’t have a tradition of big Sunday newspapers. The weekend papers come out on Saturday. If you can find a kiosque open at all on Sundays, the only new publications you are likely to come across are Le Journal du Dimanche and Le Parisien (or its sibling Aujourd'hui). So this morning on Avenue des Ternes we had JDD’s coverage of the ongoing monetary crisis – “How to Save the Euro” – and the latest stages of the Tour de France (finally a French rider, Thomas Voeckler, is hanging on to the yellow jersey). Le Parisien offered “The Keys to the DSK Affair,” sort of, and a piece on the corpulent Scottish couple who won the Euro Millions lottery … So we kept looking, and decided to pick up a copy of the racy and not always reliable weekly picture magazine VSD published earlier in the week. The cover promises us that for Anne Sinclair, wife of Dominique Strauss-Kahn “The Hour of Vengeance is At Hand.” But not against DSK, against those who’ve failed to support him.

Léa and Camille Seydoux: "Even our parents mistake one for the other"

Interview with Léa and Camille, her older sister, translated from French to English by me. For the original piece, click here.

Interview - One is a fashion stylist, the other, an actress. The two sisters talked to JDD.

Is it true that Camille was the one that wanted to become an actress and not Léa?
Camille: Yes, I took drama classes, I was a fan of Tarantino and Woody Allen (strangely, Léa has worked with both) and my baby sister wanted to become an opera singer or a baker to sell candies.
Léa: Camille took me a lot to the movies, but it was a friend of mine that provoked the ‘click’ in me. I was 18 years old.

Is it true that Camille was to be named 'Léa’?
Camille: Yes, my mother wanted to call me Léa, but my father was unwilling. Three years later she imposed her choice and somewhere there’s a Léa in me!

Is it true that Camille was the one who offered you your first mascara, Léa?
Léa: Camille has always protected me a lot. She bought me my first make up kit, she left gifts under my pillow, made me costumes. She’s always my ally, we are like one.

Is it true that Léa suggested you to swap your passports in an airport?
Camille: [Laughs.] I don’t know who was the original mastermind of the prank, but we were in the same line and the customs officers didn’t suspect of anything.
Léa: We have the same voice on the phone and we love to pretend we’re the other. Even our parents mistake one for the other.

Is it true that Camille is the most 'coquette’?
Léa: As a child, with my short hair, I was like a tomboy. Camille has always had an innate sense of beauty and that is why I asked her to take care of my 'Red Carpet’ outfits. She found her vocation when she became my stylist. Since then, other actresses requested her service.

Is it true that Léa is the most authoritarian?
Camille: Yes, insofar as she knows what she wants. But I’m the one who shouts when she’s not listening to me!

Is it true that you both are crazy about Michael Jackson?
Camille: It’s worse than that… We took dancing classes!
Léa: We’ve always felt especially close to his 'man-child’ world. We, too, have always had a very strong imagination.

Marrying someone means making promises about life together. To promise to love that person always and unconditionally. To promise to always respect each other and to share dreams together. It’s a beautiful gift. You should think twice before marrying someone because it isn’t some thing that you can throw away after all those promises sworn to God just because things are difficult. If you have to marry someone, it must be someone you vision your self growing old with. It must be someone that you will love without condition. To be able to hold their hands even in the worst situations. Marry someone because you love them with all your heart and whom you can choose to love everyday.

Met - La Donna del Lago

Finally!  Only had to wait like…14 months…

I am disappointed the Oren Gradus’ giant belt buckle did not make it through to curtain.  It was the size of a dinner plate and magnificent.

John Osborn is ridiculously photogenic

Danela Barcellona is a close second to most elated singer at curtain I have ever seen (Damrau would be the top of that list)

Juandi all dapper in his fancy costume

Why we’re really all at this show

But why we’d come see it again (all the singing was so good but the prod was just meh)

A coworker came but had a seat elsewhere and we managed to miss each other the entire evening so no “let me explainyou a thing” was given and now tomorrow I have to go explain pants roles to this very confused coworker.