anonymous said:

Stories where Justin has a daughter he doesnt know about? (:

Hi honey, you can read:

  • Begin Again by igomezfever - Justin has no idea that he has a 4-year old daughter called Kaylie with his ex-girlfriend Selena (sequel to The Story Of Us)
  • Streets Of Heaven by rebelwithhalo - When Justin receives an desperate call, he has no idea that he is about to meet his sick daughter
  • Broken Pieces by jelena13 - After 3 years, Justin finds out that he has a daughter called Emma

Enjoy (:

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Ja tebja ljublju, moi malenkey angeljok. Serovono sto ti delajesch, serovono gde ti delsa, ti moi sin, moija crov, moio cerzo. Ja tjebja ljublju i, cerovno kak dolga nado jdad, odin djen, ja tjebja budu dierjad v mojich rukach apjat [I love you, my little angel. no matter what you do, no matter where you went, you are my son, my blood, my heart. I love you and no matter how long I will have to wait, one day, I will hold you in my arms again]

One the long nights, when Armand feels alone and forgotten, unlovable and abandoned, he rereads this note, even though he has it memorized.  It was these words that ran through his mind when he met the sun and he looked forward to finally seeing his Mama again.