Yesterday, I made a letter, actually, a RECOLLECTION LETTER. 

I asked him if he kept the teddy bear I gave him. I thanked him for the time we shared, though it’s just 3 weeks. 

Oh how I wish that I was the letter itself, telling him everything I feel for him.

How I still love him, that I’m waiting for him.. all of those. Honestly I don’t think my words will do anything but, I want to show him that without and awkwardness involved.

I want to be with him. 

He’s my first love and my first real boyfriend, not like the others M.U. or anything. He’s the first that’s why I don’t know how to forget him. The time when we broke up, I didn’t know what to do because I don’t know how to end a relationship.

While writing that letter, honestly, tears ran down my face. And every time I think of him, I’m asking for another chance. so that I can show him how much I love him.. I won’t be shy. I’ll be myself. and love him with all my heart. 

Am i stupid for still waiting for him?

no one knows

Nobody knows my real situation. How I act as if I’m happy through the day, and crying, asking myself why he didn’t choose me.

I can’t tell anyone about this because I promised myself that my job is keeping people happy.

Every night, I ask myself, what’s wrong with me ? Am I not pretty? Am I not smart, and nice ? Why do I do things wrong when I know myself that I can do it?!

For some reason, I’m great at giving advice when I can’t even solve my problems.

No one knows how responsible I am. I much more responsible at school. No one knows what I want because I’m scared to tell everyone, they might laugh at me.

What should I do ? Why does everytime I want to do something properly, I always do it in opposite?

I want to do everything properly.

The past week or so at university has been a bit of a blur; with JCR responsibilities, SCAN photography work, note-making to already be on top of, coursework to complete, and time to relax with friends. Add in the chaos that was last Wednesday, when the UK was hit by a shallow layer of snow which seemed to grind the country to a halt, and it’s tough to believe that only a week has passed.

I get the feeling that’s going to be a common theme this term.

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THE 'FLOWTION', or, a dedication to the liberation of menstruation

the JCR notes that:

-Women study at the college

-Women menstruate

-at any one time, up to 25% of women will be on their period. 

The JCR further notes that

-tampons and sanitary pads are taxed at 5%, because they are seen as a ‘luxury’ by European legislation

-interestingly, men’s razors are not seen as a luxury. They are not taxed at all. 

-the average cost of a box of tampons is £3.50. The average cost of pads is £3.00

-the average woman in Oxford will spend roughly £220 on tampons and pads throughout the course of her degree

The JCR further notes that:

-Starting your period can often come out of nowhere, and has a tendency of arriving at inopportune moments

-periods can start literally minutes before a tute/lecture/class when there may not be time to go and buy tampons or pads

-periods will happen even if you are completely overdrawn and have no money

-it may be embarrassing to ask friends for tampons or pads for a multitude of reasons. 

The JCR resolves to:

-provide boxes of tampons and pads in the ground floor loos of Main Quad, Rad Quad, DB1, DB2, and Master’s Lodgings

anonymous asked:

what was the end result of tampongate?

an agreement to provisionally trial leaving out tampons/sanitary towels in the women’s and gender neutral toilets to see if the jcr could use the service responsibly and to then decide whether they should become a permanent welfare provision

anonymous asked:

Have you ever been to any Sidney Sussex events/parties/bar/etc? Or just review from Google/friend help? I feel like I wanna do Sidney but idk

I’ve never been to sidney besides a quick look around (recon for writing this) and I keep casually mentioning Sidney in conversations with friends/acquaintances but so far I’ve yet to actually meet anyone  who knows anyone from Sidney. It’s seeming like they’re pretty insular….

Anyone have any sidney experience?

EDIT:  from a helpful expert “To the person asking about Sidney: I’m from Sidney and although we are quite a small college, there’s a really friendly atmosphere. In terms of events, we have themed bops every so often which are usually really fun. The bar atmosphere is very chilled and relaxed, not as fancy as some of the other college bars, but it depends what you like - people use it just as a jcr type place sometimes and some of our societies often hold parties and events there too. Hope this was helpful :)” (via Anon)


anonymous asked:

what was tampon-gate?

debates within the jcr committee with regard to provision of tampons as part of welfare supplies (a policy i ran on to become pres)

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