It’s more Rhythm Heaven: The Best Plus clips ⊟

If these round sumo dudes hypnotically slapping hands doesn’t make you want to play a video game, I just don’t know. I don’t know, man. 

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«Puede que haya un Dios, Clary, y puede que no lo haya. Pero no creo que tenga importancia. En cualquier caso, estamos solos.»
—  Cazadores de Sombras: Ciudad de Hueso.
Epílogo. La Ascensión seduce.
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That new Fire Emblem is two games in Japan ⊟

It wasn’t clear from the Nintendo Direct how this would work in the West, but in Japan, the decision to side with the Hoshido or Nohr in the upcoming 3DS game won’t just be a matter of storyline… they’re on separate cartridges, in separate packages. You can buy a copy of either White Kingdom (Hoshido, more accessible and traditional) or Black Kingdom (Nohr, more complex storyline and difficult), and after completing that path, you can unlock the other storyline as downloadable content for about $20.

Furthermore, in Japan, a special edition will bundle both with a third storyline (also available as DLC in the other versions presumably), and bonus stuff. 

I doubt it’ll be two boxes here, but I’d still expect it to be divided into one story plus DLC. And, for two Fire Emblem scenarios… sounds okay!

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