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There’s a Touch Detective rhythm game now ⊟

The Touch Detective franchise has a lot more to do with looking at a bunch of Funghi mushrooms than solving mysteries at this point. For example: Osawari Tantei Ozawa Rina: Nameko Rhythm (Touch Detective: Funghi Rhythm) has you tapping note icons on the touchscreen… all of which are Funghis. 

Rakuten, the store that posted this trailer (via Nintendo Everything) has this shipping in November in Japan, with a free stylus. There’s no picture of the stylus, but I have a pretty good idea.

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Imagine...(Part One)

"Kiannn…"I whined.

"Over here, Kylie ." he yelled.

"Ughhhhh" I followed his voice to the electronics section. where I found him examining camera lenses.

"KIan, We arent supposed to be looking at that stuff and you know that." I said, getting frustrated.

"Fineee." He stopped looking at the camera lenses and walked over to me.

" Okayy, so we need to get Wishbone’s food, pick up the Jacks cake, decorations and etc." I continued, looking up at Kian, who was already staring at me.

" What?" I asked


" You’re just beautiful. " he replied.

Kian was a close friend of mine, and I sorta have a crush on him. We’re currently shopping for party supplies for the Jacks and Sam because they’ve been away for the tour and we decided to plan them a welcome home party.

I blushed. ” Back to work…”

He smiled and planted a kiss on my cheek.

" Kiannn… I’m serious we don’t have time. The Jacks will be here tomorrow."

:” Okay, okay. I’m sorry…babe.”

" You’re forgiven." I said with a smirk.


Soon, we finished shopping and arrived at the o2l house.

"Kian?" I asked 

"Yeah, darling?"

I smiled. ” You need help?” I questioned, as he took the shopping bags inside the house.

"Nope, you go get some rest for tomorrow, you’ll need it Kyls." he replied.

" You sure Kian?"

" Yep."

" Okayy, If you insist.."

I raced upstairs and into Kian’s room, where i found his laptop on his bed.

I sat on his bed then pulled his laptop onto my lap and logged on to Twitter, only to see my notifications blowing up by the second.

" Wow, I haven’t check Twitter since like yesterday and this happens."

@ KylieValdez: Can wait for @ jackgilinsky , @ JackJackJohnson, @ sammywilk to come back from tour. I miss you cuties.

@ JackJackJohnson: Noooo, can’t wait to see you. ;) @ KylieValdez

@ jackgilinsky: Can’t wait to see you too, gorgeous. I miss you more than ever. @ KylieValdez

@ sammywilk: Been missing your beautiful face for quite a while now. @ KylieValdez

@ ShawnMendes: Can’t wait for you guys to hear my new cover with @ KylieValdez , music video coming out soon!

@ Nashgrier: Where my bae at? @ KylieValdez Miss you.

@ MahoganyLOX: Miss ya bestie. @ KylieValdez

I smiled, there was so much more but I decided I should check on Kian.

I closed his laptop to find him sitting in front of me.

I jumped. ” God Kian, you scared me.”

"Sorry." he chuckled.

I looked into his eyes as he looked in mine. He leaned in and I did the same.

I closed my eyes then,

" Hey Kian, have you seen my hat? I think Kylie took one…Wait, were you guys about to…" Jc said with a smirk.

" Oh god, go away Jc." I said, covering my face with a pillow, as Kian pulled me onto his lap.

" Go away, Jc." he whined, wrapping his arms around me.

He kissed the top of my head and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

Then, I heard a camera shutter.

"Jc!" I yelled.

" Fine, fine, but you might wanna check your twitter.." Jc sang.

" Whatever. " Kian replied, as Jc walked out of the room.

" Back to where we were…" he said, with a huge smirk.


i pulled my phone out of my pocket as KIan groaned.


- Come over to hang with us, we miss you. :(

- Nash, I’m kinda busy…

- C’mon please… we’ll film videos and stuff.

- Fine, gimme a hour.

- Thankss bae. Love ya

- Love you too, Nash. Bye.

I put down my phone. ” I’m sorry Kian. I have to go, the guys are waiting.”

"Uhh… It’s okay. I-I’ll see you later."

" Look Kian, I’m sorry. It’s just-"

" No, no. I understand. Go, I’ll give you a ride, I love you babe." he said, giving me a kiss on the cheek.


" Love you too, Kian ."


" Thanks KIan. " I said as I gave him a kiss on the cheek and headed to Nash’s condo/apartment thing.

" Love you!"

I waved. ” Love ya!”

I knocked on the door. 

" It’s open!" I heard Nash yelled.

I rolled my eyes and walked in. 

" Guys you shouldn’t-"

I looked up to see Cameron Dallas, my ex.

Part 2 or nahh? 

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Protect Me Knight 2 for 3DS eShop ⊟

Minna de Mamotte Knight is the sequel to an Xbox Live Indie Games release (remember that?) by Ancient Corp., the company run by legendary composer Yuzo Koshiro (and other members of his family!)  – which explains why the music in the trailer is so good and so authentically retro.

It’s sort of a tower defense-ish thing, in that you’re protecting a princess from oncoming waves of enemies, but you get to control the various characters with combo-based attacks and stuff, rather than just setting up and watching yourself fail over like three minutes.

The sequel adds a map editor with QR code sharing, two new character classes (an archer and… a wall-eyed knight on a fake horse join the previous game’s fighter, mage, amazon, and ninja-in-a-Borat-swimsuit). No idea if it’ll come out in the West, but the first one did, and Ancient hopes to release it.

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Trying to Quit (Requested)


    Thump! Thump! You think you hear a noise, so you take out one ear buds and listen. Then you hear it again. Thump! Thump! Someone is pounding on your apartment door. You get up from your desk and go to see who it is. When you open the door, it’s Jc and Kian. “Oh hey!” you say.

    “God damn (Y/N), we’ve been knocking for like ten minutes!”

    You laugh. “Oh, sorry. I had my headphones in. What’s up?”

    Kian says, “We were shooting this video for O2L, but we kind of needed a different scenery. We wanted to ask you if we could maybe shoot a few scenes here?”

    You don’t even know why they bother asking. Both of you know that you will say yes. “Yeah, it’s fine.” Then you leave the door open behind you as they walk in.

    They wasted no time. Jc sets up the camera on its tripod, and they get right to filming. You sit back on your desk, watching them do their thing.

    You have no idea what their video is about, but it seems kind of funny. Kian sits on the couch with Jc, and then they start the scene. “You know, your girlfriend is kind of hot,” Kian says to Jc.

    You can tell Jc is trying not to laugh when he says, “Did you just call my girlfriend hot!?” You try not to laugh either.

    Things escalate quickly when Kian stands up and yells, “Yeah! You got a problem with that!?” Then he takes the cushion he was sitting on and begins hitting Jc with it. He hits him until he starts to laugh and then he stops.

    But as soon as he took of the cushion, your body becomes a statue as heart starts to pound so fast, so quickly. You see the little bag there, where the cushion was. Now Kian uncovered it, and you don’t know what’s going to happen next. 

    Kian suddenly stops as he slowly sets the cushion down. Then he bends over to pick up the bag. He smiles vanishes quickly, along with Jc’s once he notices what’s in it. He hold it up as he turns over to you and says, “Um… what’s this?”

    You quickly walk over to it and snatch it out of his hand. Then you hold it behind your back as you say, “Nothing. It’s nothing.”

    Jc sounds furious when he says, “Why the hell do you have marijuana?”

    You were really hoping they wouldn’t guess what it is, but you know they aren’t stupid. “It’s not mine.” Great, you just told them the most common excuse there is.

    Then Kian says, “(Y/N), I know your lying to us. How the hell did you get into that? And why?”

    They aren’t your parents. They have no control over you. You can do whatever you want. Now that they know you have some, might as well tell them the rest. “It’s not that bad. It’s not like I do it everyday. I met a friend at a bar the other day. She showed it to me.”

    “Oh, so it’s peer pressure that got you into this.” Jc now sounds like he could be your father.

    “No, it was my decision. So, if I want to do it, I will. You are not the boss of me. I do what makes me happy.”

    Kian laughs sarcastically and then says, “Oh my God (Y/N)! Are you being serious right now!? Do you know what that stuff can do to you!? It can kill you! And you are not hanging out with the right crowd if they got you to do that!”

    Nope, you are not letting them control you. You decide to yell just as loud to get them to leave. “It’s not as bad as you make it seem! I don’t care what you say! If you are not with me and you are just going to tell me how I’m ruining my life right now, well then maybe you should just get out!”

    Kian steps forward and is about to say something else when Jc put his hand on his shoulder and pulsl him back as he says, “Kian.” Then he shakes his head. You know he is telling him to back off. 

    Then Kian shakes his head and then just says, “We are not going to let you keep doing this.” Then they both give you a very disappointing look, pack up their gear, and they walk out the door. 

    You are bottled up with so many different emotions. You are mad that they tried to get you to stop what you want to do, but then again, you feel sad because they wouldn’t understand you and they just left. Now you don’t know where you are with Jc and Kian. You decide that you should give it some time, so you get back to work at your desk.


    Hours pass. It’s now dark outside, and you finished your work and are now watching T.V. You are all relaxed on your couch. Then, you get a sudden urge. It’s kind of strong this time. You think that just a little won’t be so bad, so you take out the bag you had earlier from its new hiding spot. Then you take a scrap sheet of paper you have and tear it in half. You lay it on the table and put a handful of leaves. Then you roll it up and light. it. The first breath you take feels relieved.

     Then suddenly, you hear the doorknob move. You turn over to see the lock turn, and then door opens. Jc, Kian, Connor, Ricky, Sam, and Trevor come barging in. They came in so quickly that you didn’t have enough time to even hide the stuff. So you set it down and say, “How the hell did you guys even get in here!?”

    Kian barges over to you, swipes the roll from the table, stomps on it, and says, “We took you key when we left earlier.” He didn’t even look at you once.

    Then Jc says, “We brought all the boys so maybe this time you’ll listen.”

    Then all the boys walk right in front of you, cornering you on the couch. They are starting with this again. Now every single one of them knows what you do, and it does not look good at all. “This is ridiculous,” is all you say. 

     ”We just want to help you,” Trevor says.

    You scream back at him, “I never said I needed help!”

    “Yes you do. You just don’t see it yet.” Connor says very calmly.

    You just stare at them. Not knowing what to say next. They are obviously not going to leave, no matter what you say. 

    “Okay, now that we have you listening,” Kian begins, “We can start talking.”

    “(Y/N), why did you decide to hang out with someone who got you into drugs? Why would you even think of that?” Ricky asks.

    You answer his question with attitude, “She seemed cool when I met her. We became close really quickly. She’s my friend.”

    Then Sam says, “But you were so against drugs before. What made you change you mind?”

    “She showed me it and said I could just try it once. So I did. And then I kind of like it. But guys, I’m not like I’m an addict!”

    They all look to each other, knowing what the other one is thinking. Then Jc says, “But still, why would you do something that is going to kill you! Not to mention make you stink and it just ruins everything of you! Why would you still do it!?”

    You say, “Because- Because-” Oh my God. You don’t have an answer to that .You honestly don’t know why. Instead of trying to continue, your eyes begin to water as you put your head in your hands. They did it. They broke you down. They are starting to make you see it.

    Then you feel Kian sit on one side of you, Connor on the other, and then they rest of them sit on the floor in front of you, making the circle even smaller. Connor puts his hand on your shoulder and says, “We know. We know it’s hard. Can you now see that we all just care about you and just want to help you?”

    As you continue to cry even more, you look up to Connor and say, “I don’t know what I was doing. I don’t know what I was thinking. I guess- I just- I dont know.” 

    Then Kian puts his arm around you and Connor puts his hand on your thigh to comfort you. All the guys to the same. Ricky then says, “We just wanted you to see that we care and that you’ll accept our help.”

    You nod your head. They made you see things clearly now. “Okay. Okay. Thank you guys so much for being here for me. I’ll stop, but it’s going to be hard.” 

    “It’s okay. We are going to help you through this.” Trevor says. 

    You stop crying a little and you wipe your face. “Okay, so where do we start?”

    “Okay,” Jc says, “First, we need to get rid of everything. Was that the only bag you had?”

    Oh great. “Um… I think I’ll need your guys’ help.”

    “Seriously?” Sam asks, but then laughs. 

Refurb 3DS deals at Nintendo ⊟

I just rediscovered (via Bboy AJ) that if you want a cheap 3DS, you can order one from Nintendo. Refurbished 3DS XLs are just $135 ($150 for Yoshi/Mario Bros. LE’s); in addition, you can get a Pearl Pink 3DS for $95 or a red 2DS for $90.

I originally started this post “just a heads up” then I went back to the NeoGAF thread and of course Bboy AJ started his post exactly the same way. Man I am the worst.

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US Pokémon Center open ⊟

If you want to buy a plush Scraggy hat, a Charizard tumbler, or your very own huggable Mega Mewtwo, you can do so now at the online Pokémon Center store for the US.

To celebrate the grand opening, the store has a selection of adorable “Special Delivery” Pikachu items featuring the mascot in post office gear. I… need one of those plushes? I’m as surprised as anyone.

As another part of the celebration, US Pokémon X and Y players can get a Poké Ball-patterned Vivillon online through August 12.

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