3151. The Titans disbanded for seven years and all of them reunited where all of the former titans changed. Raven is the new Dr. Fate her powers has been enhanced at great levels, Starfire is the Queen and Green Lantern of Earth, Robin who was Nightwing at the time is now Batman and his sidekick is Damian, Cyborg is now one of the co-leaders of the Justice League and the head division of science and tech, then BB now known as The Changeling is the conduit of The Red and Green. They all reunited to face the combined team of their personal’s enemies: Wotan, Yellow Lantern Balckfire, Slade, Metallo and Anton Arcane.

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Junji Ito x Pokemon ⊟

Pokemon’s about to get real, real creepy, y’all— creepier than even Creepy Black. The Pokemon Company has collaborated with horror manga artist Junji Ito, who you may know from That One Comic About People Obsessed with People-Shaped Holes in a Mountain and every other unsettling Japanese comic you’ve seen online. The collaboration is called “Kowapoke,” or “Scarypoke.”

The Pokemon Company released one preview image in the form of a phone wallpaper, above, featuring the world’s most menacing Banette. They’re also giving t-shirts out in Japan featuring the image, for people who need more personal space, I guess.

Game Freak told us they were freaky.

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Preview the 3DS themes ⊟

Coming soon after an update, you’ll be able to buy 3DS themes from a new Theme Shop. Nintendo has posted a list of all the available themes for the service’s Japanese launch, which mostly seem to cost 200 yen, about two bucks each, with some also at 150, 100, or free. Above, third-party themes! For Monster Hunter 4G,Yo-kai Watch, and Gunvolt.

These will be usable on all 3DS systems with the updated firmware, not just the New 3DS!

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Super Smash Bros. 3DS demo now available to all ⊟

Stop browsing eBay for demo codes! You can now play the 3DS Super Smash Bros. demo without any special codes. It’s available now on the eShop in North America and Europe.

The non-Club Nintendo version does have a play limit (boo), so, like, don’t close out the demo until you’re good and ready. Amazing animation from Aarnimation.

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