Coming soon..

So today I have been making plans for the next version of my website.  The site is currently running great and the feedback from various people has been very promising - sounds like the two weeks of hard work really paid off!

My plans going forward?  To update the Salvus Clothing section once that project is complete, create a new page where I can demonstrate new technologies that I have learned/tested, create space for a Spotify music player to share music that I love and to refactor the blog page using XSLT goodness.

Exciting times at JB camp!  I’m looking forward to making a start on this, but for now it’s all systems go with the Salvus Clothing team!  More updates to follow and thanks again to all those who have paid interest in what I am doing!

Introducing KGG Management Consulting…

We’ve just polished off the final revision of our newest small business logo.  KGG Management Consulting, out of Ottawa, ON now has their company brand logo.  This professional looking, blue, black, with accent white colour combination logo embraces stylized typography along with 3D, wire-frame cube.  KGG were great clients and we wish them great success down the road and will gladly be there as they move forward.