Here have some more, the last two are from Day 2 where I dressed up as an umbrella corp officer where I was given the name Lady Umbrella, don’t know I kinda dig it (and that Mako too) if you are in any of there pics please let me know so I can credit you!!

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Dunno yet. I was thinking Patty Mayonnaise. (My challenge is the hair) Or Aki from Robotic Notes. I won’t have the money for it until I get my check in two weeks. I might even wear normal people clothes. XD

Well I’m sure whatever it is you end up doing, it will look great. I’d offer suggestions on Patty’s hair, but I’m pretty terrible at wigs, so I’ll spare you my “insight”

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Thanks for following! Yeah, unfortunately the credits for the korrasami gif were deleted by the author of a popular avatar tumblr. So it was reblogged by a mass influx of tumblr users without the creds. I wished the person kept the information, so the cosplayers could get more recognition, but it wasn't up to me.:/ Anyway, I went through your art tag, and I really like your drawing style! Are ya influenced by steam punk?

Hello! Turns out I haven’t checked my messages in a while, whoops. sorry about the late reply D:

Thank you for the compliment! I really appreciate it!

I certainly like steampunk, and have some fanart of a specific band, but I don’t really think I have any original art directly inspired  by steampunk itself. I think some of it might share some similar fantasy elements, though??