Jazz is…

 1.  Dexter Gordon
 2.  Pearl Bailey
 3.  Big Jay McNeely
 4.  Ella Fitzgerald
 5.  Art Blakey
 6.  Sonny Stitt
 7.  Billie Holiday
 8.  Charles Mingus
 9.  Miles Davis
10. John Coltrane

onwardforalways said:

If you're still taking requests, could you do something with Bumblebee and one of his wartime mentors (Jazz, Ironhide or Prowl)? The novels mentioned that the trio taught/trained Bee personally (especially Jazz and Ironhide), and I've loved that idea ever since.


Jazz is either the best parental figure ever, or the worst, depending entirely on who you ask.

Our friends have the coolest stuff. This Jazz Bass used to have that tuxedo look, but with the addition of a Gretschy gold sparkle pickguard and gold hardware, it could not look more glorious. #guitar #bass #fender #jazz #gold #black #sexy #seattle (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)

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Zara McFarlane - “Open Heart”.

I hate that I’m one of those people who is constantly in search of new music but takes forever when it comes to taking the time to listen to artists and musicians that come highly recommended by reputable sources.

Despite having seen the name “Zara McFarlane” appear for over a year on the various publications I look to for sound music recommendations, I never tapped into just what it was that resulted in McFarlane receiving nothing but positive news. My goodness was I foolish!

The British-Jamaican East London-based singer’s blend of lyrical jazz and her distinct vocals make for an absolutely magnetic and captivating sound.

Zara is currently on tour in Europe and will be performing in Nantes, France, on August 31, before moving on to dates in England, France, Spain and Belgium.

Also recommended: “Move”, “Chiaroscuro" and "Police and Thieves”.

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Man this shit is too good to not share with the world haha. Going thru old videos and finding some gems! Love this lil jam session intro to The Krockadile

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There was just something absolutely otherworldly about Wes and yet he was just so regular at the same time. 

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1964 IN MONK TRIBUTES: “Hat and Beard” by Eric Dolphy

Hubbard and Williams are back, helping along a strange song that begins with a jaunty walk that I guess is Monk-ish — it’s jaunty! — then shifts into double time and beyond. The strangeness is tempered by the timbres of vibes and bass clarinet, creating a unique sound world so even if you’re not exactly sure what’s going on here (like that middle part with just the rhythm section), there’s still plenty to grab onto.