I finally was able to doodle some Arcee. I kinda made up her design on the spot. Getting in the mood for this lady is hard. Drawn to Doomsday Clock.

Is everyone afraid?
You should be ashamed
Apocalyptic screams mean nothing to the dead
Kissing that ‘ol sun to know all there is
Come on, last call
You should want it all

And then the shuffle went straight to the world cup version of Shakira’s My Hips don’t lie…and Jazz happened. That was the story of ho w Jazz’s Shakira collection was confiscated.

And I’m on tonight
You know my hips don’t lie
And I’m starting to feel it’s right

Ay ay ay to the bamboooo
La gloria te esta esperando

My first commission from the awesome Valong! She asked me for a big New Years/Stellar Cycle party so I did my best to get everything how she wanted! :)

And hey look—I’m alive and still doing art. Was just partially murdered  by finals and hadn’t gotten time to do much art because of travel, but now I’m FREEEEEE. *sobbing inwardly*

P.S. I actually had to reduce the file size because it was so big, ha ha xD