My Cover of Trippin’ by Justine Skye

My Favorite song Hands Down <3

  • Some Bitch From School:Oh Wow, you look really pretty today!
  • Me:....Do i look ugly every other day?
  • Her:
  • Me:
  • Her:
  • Me:
  • Her:Where'd you get your Top from?

Friend Zone by KeyKey ft. Jazmonay


Is it Wrong for me to dance with a guy knowing that I have a Boyfriend?

Really You guys i Need answers . 

   I was invited to a party tonight . I told my boyfriend about it, he didnt wanna go .

 Im not finna stand around and be lame FUCK NO im finna dance . 

            But still …. Ugh … Just answer PLEASE! thanks(:

i freakin HATE!! when i think of a Clever URL and it's already taken ...

Then when you go to there blog IT’S LIKE EMPTY AS HELL!! no post . no theme . not following anyone . Just a waste of a Brilliant URL …

It Really Pisses me off How im Always there for EVERYONE! If anyone needs me ill drop everything im doing to help them and to make them feel better

But When i need someone to be there for me it’s another fucking story . 

When i need someone to rant to or someone to just freaking be there! All of a Sudden everyone’s “busy” and Im really tired of it .