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Everyone’s heard of the rivalry between One Direction & The Wanted. 

Some say it started because one made a joke and the other took it a little more harshly than intended. Others disagree and say it’s just because of the fact that they’re the 2 biggest boybands in the world, both fighting to reach the top. 

But those guesses are wrong. Because the rivalry is, infact, over nothing more than a girl. “What? A girl? Who is she?” You may ask. 

And I would reply with “Charlie Holland. The international pop princess. Niall Horan’s girlfriend, and Nathan Sykes’ best friend.” 

And this is where you go “Wait. What?” 

So I shall take you back to the beginning, when The Wanted had just released their first single, All Time Low, and when One Direction didn’t exist and was just five separate boys following their dreams, not unlike Charlie Holland.

A tale of cuddly Irishmen, insightful British boys and one girl from Gloucester who accidentally got caught right in the middle of one of the biggest rivalries in music.

Ongoing +

All Riley Danvers knows is that she was stabbed. She doesn’t know what happened after or why she woke up feeling just fine and dandy. 

Until someone literally walks right through her. 

Riley’s dead. As most people are after being stabbed. When she wakes up to find five boys moving into her family’s old home, she doesn’t know what to do other than hide. Hide and never come out. Which is going to suck. 

She thought no one could see or hear her, considering how hard she tried to get their attention when the boys first moved in, and the fact that she’s dead, but when one of the boys hears her singing and follows her voice to find her hiding in a guest bedroom, he doesn’t know what to make of it, and neither does she. 

Especially because he’s the only one that can see or hear her.