Featured Artist of The Month! JAYOHH!


Jordan Spencer was born on August 24 1993, in Bronx NY, Since he was raised in a bad environment, he witnessed and experienced the hardship of the “street life”. Jordan attended MS 95 middle school; where he gained the reputation of best lyricist and was voted most likely to succeed. Jordan was an extremely gifted child, but it was his outshining talent and skills that earned him the name “JAYOHH” from his classmates and neighborhood friends. He also had the support of Father & Mother, who is a strong force and great inspiration in his life. This enabled JAYOHH to defy the odds and remain focused on his goals and future career. JAYOHH’s amicable personality has increased his fan-base, and his catchy songs have made him widespread. JAYOHH has performed at countless Events and has done numerous solos. Filled with drive and determination to make it in the industry, JAYOHH continues to bridge the gap to his success. As his Dreams is becoming a reality, He’s motto, ” It is a blessing and my time to shine”, ” I want to be heard and I will be heard”.

"JAYOHH" is a force to be reckoned with. I expect him and his "witty" flow to be a big name in the next year or two. While quoting artist like Kendrick Lamar ("Too much 2") “I’m too much for these ni**as, I’m three much for these h*es” he’s dipping into a majors artist fanbases. Which is a smart move to gain fans.

I’ve listened to his music over and over again. It’s full of metaphors, and quick punchlines. I’ve also loved his music videos. JAYOHH is very urban, and should work that to his advantage. JAYOHH I hope you get to be a major artist someday. GOODLUCK!

So basically what I’m saying is. “JAYOHH” is smart, he can rap, and seems like an all around cool guy. I hope you make it big dude!





Happy NewYears everyone!

- Jasper Hale

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