i was tagged by boyweirdo , so here are the twenty little things about me:

  • i’m taking up bachelor of science in electrical engineering 
  • i have lots of guy friends and i seriously enjoy their company
  • my ultimate dream is to become a writer or a singer someday
  • i like cute notebooks, papers and pens (my obsession)
  • i read books and i prefer hard copies
  • i am fascinated with flowers, stars and clouds
  • i like cold weather (cold weather means cuddling with my bed lol)
  • i like staying in my room all day just to watch movies hehe
  • i like handwritten letters (if you want to impress me, give me one)
  • i like actions and efforts (cause it is sweet and genuine)
  • i have overactive brain cells during night 
  • i like learning new things
  • i leave little messages in random places
  • i like coffee and tea shops (oh how i love their smell)
  • i love ice cream (cookies and cream forever!)
  • i hate annoying people and liars
  • i have trust issues and i hope to overcome it someday
  • i write to leave marks
  • i am a perfect combination of unknown pieces
  • i want to wake up one day and realize that i have lived a life worth living

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