Kansas Jayhawks

The University of Kansas…
Home of the Jayhawks.
A Place of Tradition.
Where 16,300 sounds more like 163,000.
And Everyone bleeds Crimson and Blue.
Where Coaching Greats got their starts,
And Hall of Famers became great.
Where the phrase “Beware of the Phog” scares opponents,
And the words “Rock Chalk” will send chills down your spine.

The University of Kansas…
Home to over 2,100 Wins…
57 Conference Championships…
14 Final Fours…
5 National Championships.

The University of Kansas…
Where History is Made,
And Legends are Born.
Where Basketball is more than just a game,
But a Religion… A Birthright… A Way of Life.

Non-believers and fans of other schools will never understand.
Jayhawk Nation is more than a fan base of some basketball team.
Through the good times and bad, the wins and the losses,
We will always pledge allegiance to the Crimson and Blue.
Why? Because…

We are a Community of One…
We are a Nation…
We are a Family…



With Skylar Diggins now moving to the WNBA with the Tulsa Shock, does that leave the women’s college basketball ranks barren and arid of eye candy hoop stars? Absolutely not!  Enter the Gonzalez twins Dylan and Dakota from …wait for it…Idaho!?! They already have fans across the country. They are one of the most followed combo on Instagram ALREADY LOL! If Skylar Diggns is signed to ROC NATION/CAA Sports Agency now, I have no doubt that in the next 4 years Jay-Z will be quick to sign these girls. This would all depend if they do well while playing in college.

Their mother, Angie Snider, was an All American back in the day for the University of Kansas and they both stand between 5’11 and 6’0 foot tall. They have been ranked as 3 star prospects based on ESPN Hoop Gurlz and are expected to play the one and two guard positions. Sports marketing firms must be salivating over these girls and the enormous amount of marketing potential.

Source: Big Lead - USA TODAY