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The EOnline poll has been open for half and hour already and Hugh is unfortunately up against BATB Jay Ryan who has a very dedicated fan base and we are loosing badly! PLEASE CAN EVERYONE VOTE FOR HUGH NOW! HELP!

Well, there’s nothing we can do about that now, but vote


I posted as soon as I saw it was open!! It’s still early, everyone just needs to rally.

Also, I would just add :) If anyone sees the poll opening, you too anon, please feel free to make your own post. ^^ I will happily reblog it.

Cameos and Controversy

Posted by Tony Best

News of our former student Ed Sheeran’s prospective cameo appearance in Game of Thrones has taken the internet by storm. Nothing is confirmed yet but he recently stated that he had to pass up the opportunity in the past due to scheduling conflicts but has time off this year and hopes to appear in the show’s next season. Musicians who have previously appeared in the show include Sigur Ros, Coldplay drummer Will Champion and Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody.

Responses to Iggy Azalea brief cameo appearance in Furious 7 haven’t been quite as positive. She only appears in the film for a few seconds but for some reason it was enough to spur a Twitter outcry from fans of the franchise!

Jay-Z has been criticised for favouring mainstream artists on his streaming service Tidal and for its royalty structure. In response, he has introduced a new feature called TIDAL RISING which will showcase a new up-and-coming act every week.  

Justin Bieber has also been upsetting a lot of people lately, but for completely different reasons! He recently made a cameo appearance at an Ariana Grande concert in California during which he unexpectedly put his arms around her waist and prompted Grande’s boyfriend Big Sean to threaten him in a Tweet. He was also recently put in a chokehold and escorted out of Coachella music festival after being denied entry to Drake’s headline show and has been issued an arrest warrant in Argentina following an incident involving the assault of a photographer.

And finally, Kanye West’s god complex appears to have reached a climax; he tried to walk on water during a concert in Armenia! Read about it here.


Jay Park teases with first official English single announcement

Jay Park has dropped an exciting announcement to fans!

Though he has released English tracks in the past, such as “Bestie,”‪#‎JayPark‬ revealed on April 27th via his Twitter account that his “first official English single [is] coming soon~!!”

This comes just hours after thanking fans, friends, and family for wishing him a happy birthday, which was celebrated on April 25th with the artist turning 28 years old.

No doubt, the single will be released under his label AOMG, so look out for it soon!

By ‪#‎Lola‬

[Exclusive] Beyonce & Jay-Z’s Staff Join BIGBANG World Tour

[OSEN=손남원 기자] It has been confirmed that Beyonce and Jay-Z’s tour staff, who are recognized as the world’s best, will work for the world tour of BIGBANG to come back as a complete team on May 1.
According to an YG insider on the 8 this month, YG has succeeded in scouting the staff who worked for Beyonce and Jay-Z’s “on-the-run” tour, to work for the BIGBANG’s upcoming world tour, after long-time trial. So, the staff will join “BIGBANG 2015 WORLD TOUR IN SEOUL WITH NAVER”. The insider said, “President YANG HYUN SUK’s long-time efforts (to scout the tour staff of Beyonce and Jay-Z) has borne fruit now. Presenting the best-quality stage for fans who have waited for BIGBANG for a long time is President YANG’s intention and resolution”.
BIGBANG has a record of attracting the highest number of audience for their world tour, an unprecedented 800,000, for the first time for a Korean idol group. YG’s head producer YANG HYUN SUK is now preparing for BIGBANG’s new tour, targeting 1.5 million people of audience, which is double the previous record.
The 2015 BIGBANG world tour will begin on April 25 and 26 at Olympic Gymnastics Hall in Seoul, and then spread to the whole world. BIGBANG held their first world tour in 2012, which drew 800,000 people in 12 countries. The highest-ever number of the audience helped BIGBANG become a world star. YG has announced that the upcoming tour of BIGBANG will have 70 concerts in 15 countries in Asia and North America, as well as in China and Northern Europe.
Meanwhile, the Seoul concert of the BIGBANG world tour for which ticket sale was opened on the 7 this month, has been seeing explosive responses from fans. It swept No.1 on real-time search word rankings of major search engines, and G-market, the ticketing website, was even paralyzed for a while after the opening of the ticket sale.
BIGBANG is meeting their fans after one year and three months of absence since their last concert “BIGBANG +a IN SEOUL”. Notably, as the concert is to be held right before BIGBANG’s comeback as a complete team three years after the release of “STILL ALIVE” in June 2012, fans are paying all the more attention to the tour.
2015. 4. 8.


BOSSIP Exclusive: Obsessed Beyoncé Stan Targets Jay-Z, Roc Nation

Fan Threatened To Murder Jay-Z If He Doesn’t Leave Beyonce

An unhinged Beyoncé fan has been threatening Jay-Z and Roc Nation, BOSSIP has learned.

The obsessed fan, a woman, has sent threatening letters and emails to Hov and his company

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Jay Z Has Been Calling His Fans Personally And Thanking Them For Using His New Music Streaming Service

Jay Z has been giving his customers the personal touch.

Jay Z has been calling his fans personally and thanking them for using his new music streaming service

Jay Z has been taking a unique approach to customer service for his music streaming service Tidal.

Tidal executive Vania Schlogel told Business Insider that Jay Z has been personally calling people who use the site.

Schlogel said that "he called some of his fans and one of them made the funniest comment. He said ‘This is the best customer service call I’ve ever received!’“

But it isn’t just Jay Z who has been calling Tidal subscribers. Jack White and several other high-profile musicians have also been calling their fans up to talk.

Musicians involved in Tidal are given their own accounts on the site which they can use to monitor who listens to their music, and to see statistics about how their albums are performing. Schlogel says that part of that system is the ability to see contact information of users so that musicians can get in touch with them directly.

Jay Z has been playing a big role in the development of Tidal, which he acquired for $56 million in March. Parent company Aspiro operated two different streaming services: WiMP and Tidal, but they have been combined into a single product. Schlogel says that Jay Z is "very deeply involved, and the reason being is because this is a life project for him.” She went on to say that “he works every day” on the site.

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Music Streaming: The Tidal Issue

“Don’t listen to anyone, everybody is scared”, Jay-Z’s own words when asked about for the biggest entrepreneurial tip he’s learned so far and it seems as though that tip has helped him greatly with his entrepreneurship as the man who “…went from street corner to corner office” has been a regular fixture on the ‘Forbes Hip Hop Cash Kings’ list is reportedly worth $520 million according to Forbes Magazine one of the highest for any entertainer in the music business. Jay-Z’s vast wealth however isn’t a product of simply music ales however as it’s a product of other ventures that use the Jay-Z brand to gain a market advantage in order to become popular with Jay-Z’s fans.

His latest venture though has found Jay-Z uniting his profile as an entertainer again and his business savvy to cut into the music streaming business by spear heading the purchase of ‘Tidal’ a Sweden based subscription music service that offers the niche of lossless audio high definition videos along with the streams. This move has garnered an interesting view from both the audiences and other artists, as many big musicians have been quick to foretell prophecies of doom for the service however interestingly the purpose and USP for Tidal for musicians was the fact that they would be paid more royalties than with other music streaming services and would also own a part of the company in order to make more money as the Jay-Z was joined at the Tidal announcement by other big musicians like Madonna, Daft Punk, Kanye West, Beyoncé and many others. This shows a split on the musician’s side of the table since other musicians have issues with the fact that the announcement was made surrounded by some of the reportedly wealthiest musicians in the world making the Tidal brand seem disconnected to the more underground artists who weren’t as wealthy.

The audiences also seemed skeptical, as Tidal has no free plan only a free trail of about 10 days. The people in my immediate circle have been quick to regard this as a cash grab due to the large number of highly paid musicians that were at the announcement so seeing it from their perspective they approached the service from a negative point of view between complaints of the $20 fee even though there’s a $10/£10 subscription plan available to them. Although some have warmed up to the service now as it has been adding content regularly however from my perspective I prefer to stay ambivalent in this issue as the music industry tends to be ever changing who can truly predict whether Tidal will be a success, I do however support it’s platform of paying out more royalties to artists and allowing artists to owner a percentage stake in the company however will this mean artists start shutting out content from other subscription services in order to run where the money is located or will they stay away out of fear?

Only time will tell.

Jon Lester Has the Yips

No, Cubs fans it’s not nearly as bad as it sounds and it’s curable, albeit not easily. The yips are a mental hurdle experienced by an athlete that prevents them from doing even the most simple of tasks. The yips could range from an NBA player suddenly being unable to shoot a free throw to an MLB second baseman forgetting how to throw the baseball to the first baseman. The yips know no limits and…

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