It’s Bigger Than Blue Ivy

As someone who was raised on Just For Me (for none black folx thats a type of perm targeted at young black girls), It has been a process that will forever be continuing, to love my hair and deconstruct white standards of beauty.  This is why it’s bigger than just Blue Ivy, this is about anti-black-womanness.

For the first time in a long while both black women and little girls are feeling empowered enough wear their hair as is and put away the creamy crack. With Solange Knowles being one of the first major black celebs to make the intentionality and reasons publicly known behind why she was no longer perming her hair, you would think it would come to no surprise that her niece would then follow suit.  

But we’re talking about Blue Ivy though, and her mom just happens to be Beyonce, and for both blacks and non blacks she represents the epitome of what black beauty is supposed to look like. Long flowing blonde hair, curvy in all the right places, light colored eyes, and light skin, she’s the black Barbie doll.  This incredibly white supremacist standard of beauty, is one that not even her daughter can hold up to.

See it’s a double edge sword, and like most things for black people in this country you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. If Beyonce were to begin wearing her hair natural and leave the wigs and weaves alone, she would be faced with the same backlash as her daughter because she will no longer be easily digestible for white Americans. On the other hand, if Beyonce didn’t assimilate so well into white standards of beauty we wouldn’t be sitting here talking about her daughters hair.

The issue here isn’t that Beyonce doesn’t wear her hair natural; the issue here, and always is White Supremacy and Anti-blackness. We are all forced into assimilation by some way or another in this society. Black women’s hair whether we wear it natural or in weaves will never be good enough, our bodies will never be the right body type, our voices and words will never carry the right tone – we will never be white, and for that we will never be the right.

The reality is, white supremacy depends on the insecurity and destruction of black women.

Unfortunately for white supremacy, we are indestructible.

Mathew Knowles says Solange vs. Jay-Z was a stunt for On The Run publicity.

Oh.  Shit.  He did not just…..


Rule #1: Don’t throw your kids under the bus when you’re a lech who walked out on the family.
Rule #2: Don’t cross Beyonce.

I hope Mathew has a good relationship with his deity of choice because he might be bout to meet him soon once the Beyhive gets buzzed up about this radio interview.

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