11 Things I Hope for You

Hope (n.) - Grounds for believing that something good may happen.

As the month of love and all things covered in chocolate approaches, I wanted to be thankful for the month of January and the motivation a new year brings! I also, want to start this monthly series where I tell eleven things I want you to experience and the highlights of my month! Please enjoy!

11 Things I Hope for You

  • 1. To find love in being healthy and making conscious life choices.
  • 2. To spend time with friends, family, and share moments of laughter.
  • 3. To wear a little bit of glitter and shine!
  • 4. To enjoy the changing of seasons when the winter cold shows new signs of spring.
  • 5. To take your flaws and make them your best features.
  • 6. To indulge in delicious desserts that involve the words chocolate, caramel, icing, and cookie dough in the descriptions.
  • 7. To use your body language effectively and to be confident with eye contact.
  • 8. To know that success is when you feel fabulous, for making others feel fabulous.
  • 9. To admit when being wrong and asking for the correct solution.
  • 10. To put yourself first in moments of chaos and organize yourself for a better tomorrow.
  • 11. To give others one of your smiles, when their is lost in gloom.

My Highlights of January 2015

  • I purchased and received a lot of pretty jewelry that have a lot of symbolic meanings to me.
  • I made an effort to enhance my features naturally without covering them.
  • I carefully indulged in meals with friends like dessert pizza, sushi, and cookies over the month.
  • I made time for my friends, this included: The Bachelor nights, boardgames, and coffee dates with them.
  • I was more health conscious, stayed true to fitness goals, and used my Jawbone bracelet.
  • I spent a beautiful weekend with friends by the lake!
  • I saw the film Selma with friends and watched the Golden Globes with them as well.
  • I tried to be the best role model I could for people who surround me.
  • I made time in my weeks to better myself and improve skills.

What were your highlights in January? What do you hope for in February? Let me know in the comments bellow!

Big-Toothed Fossil May Be Primitive New Human

The first known prehistoric human from Taiwan has been identified and may represent an entirely new species that lived as recently as 10,000 years ago, according to a new study.

The newly discovered big-toothed human, “Penghu 1,” strengthens the growing body of evidence that Homo sapiens was not the only species from our genus living in Europe and Asia between 200,000 and 10,000 years ago.

Anthropologists have learned that Neanderthals, Denisovans and Homo floresiensis (a.k.a. the “Hobbit Human”) lived in Europe and Asia within that time frame. Penghu 1, which is described in the latest issue of Nature Communications, adds to that already impressive list and might have co-existed — and even interbred — with our species. Read more.

Remains of Britain's first human to return to Torquay

The fragment of human jawbone that represents the earliest evidence for anatomically modern humans in North West Europe will be returned to Torquay Museum from The Natural History Museum in London.

The jawbone which rarely leaves the Museum has been on display as part of the exhibition Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story which brought together, for the first time, all of the most important archaeological finds that tell the story of human origins in Britain.

The exhibition was seen by more than 90,000 visitors to The Natural History Museum giving tremendous exposure to this hugely important scientific specimen and the rich variety of finds from the caves of South Devon. Read more.