Feather-set’s Language-Learning Charm

This charm is meant to help you learn a language faster, better, and for longer. Wear it with you when you study the language you want to learn and you’ll retain and be able to access a lot more.

What you’ll need:

  • A key ring
  • A key
  • A bell 
  • Item(s) to represent mouth/tongue (mine are the jaw and vanilla bean [for a tongue])
  • Item(s) to represent language 

Craft a charm using the items you have gathered. Make sure that the key ring is big enough for all of the items you have. When you’re studying or surrounded in the language you want to learn, wear this charm on you. When practicing, hold the charm to your mouth and speak into it. 

BONUS: Add another item to the ring that symbolizes the language you most want to learn (be sure to remove it if you want to learn a language other than that one). Here’s mine for Swedish!


This is your yearly reminder that the jaws of Aliens have an analogue in nature.

Pharyngeal jaws are a second set of teeth that extends from the pharynx of moray eels (Gymnothorax spp). They help the eels grasp onto their struggling prey before it’s swallowed.



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