javycane said:

I took your advice and I read all 13 chapters of the Noragami manga lol :D

I don’t remember giving a recommendation for people to read the Noragami manga o u o 

although, since you caught up to the english trans~ you should read the summaries if you want from http://noragamis.tumblr.com/transnora >w<)/

javycane said:

where did you find that version of the dango song where it is only instrumental ? btw I love your blog man, followed you on twitter and stuff :) K-on! is great

just within the Clannad OST can’t remember which one but just look for it and you’ll find it ! and thanks man i’ll follow back! and K-on! fo life


Since I am feeling not happy right now well why not write something that actually tries to enlighten me? Well what better than to write about my girlfriend. Since we are 22 days away from our 1 year anniversary well why not ? 

11 … 11 is the number of months you have made me the happiest boy in the world. Making me feel so special that I cant even explain it. This girl she isn’t just my Girlfriend … she is my best-friend, my dictionary, my everything just to sum it all up. She is the most beautiful girl and the most special one :3 she is to me all I ever want and all I ever need. Sure our relationship isn’t perfect we have our major downs but that doesn’t change the fact that I fucking love you baby :) Your the person who has brought the most happiness into my life and I cant wait to keep spending more and more time with you my princess. Like I always tell you and forever will …. I will love you forever and ever Lowendie :’) <3