Tumblr Poem
Nothing to do, but a lot to say. 

There’s this place I go and stay.

Hours with no end,

Also meeting new friends.

Having common ground

the art that they found.

Pictures with words

Or those favorite quotes.

Add the music.

Just for the look.

My background’s black

The music player’s green

So many pages

Like a zillion and one

Videos that make you cry

Those that make you laugh



Wait, what?

It doesn’t matter because it’s a place for me.

Changing my theme is more fun than reading this poem-type thingy

Oh well.

Follow my url

Reblog my pictures

Like my post

And promo be please? 

All down my dash

That’s cool cause it’s where I belong


"Do you love me Sam," I whispered. Sam didn’t answer, leaving me to sit there and think about what we’ve done. "Sam, please answer me." Sam got out of the bed and walked to the door. "STOP! Don’t leave," I yelled. Sam turned around slowly in tears, could barely catch his breath. Sam replied with a gasping, unsteady tone, "I do love you. I just think that we’re moving really fast." 

"Sam I know, but isn’t this what people do when they’re in love," I replied with a caution tone. Sam began walking back to the bed, but stopped. Sam couldn’t say what he really wanted to because he knew it would cause more drama between the both of us. Sam asked, "do you want coffee or something?" 

We walked to the kitchen together, but we kept or distance. Sam went first, then I followed. As we arrived to the kitchen, he turned on the light. “Come here please,” Sam asked me. I walked slowly towards him and asked him why. Sam gave me a warm embrace and said, “It’s only been a few months, and now you decided to do this. I didn’t know how to respond to it. You’ll always have my heart and we didn’t have to do that.” 

"Let’s go back to bed. It’s raining and we both have work in the morning," I told Sam, giving him a kiss. As we returned to the bedroom, he smiled and said good night, while cuddling me in his arms.