This French painting from 1884 predicted today’s tech zombies.

I hadn’t thought deeply about Georges Seurat’s A Sunday afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte (Un dimanche après-midi à l’Ile de la Grande Jatte) in years. What’s remarkable is how prescient the painting remains more than 100 years later.

Seurat’s masterpiece addresses working-class relaxation made possible by technology, which, at the time meant the great whirling factories of the industrial revolution. The scene is rendered via a highly systematic and “scientific” technique known as Pointillism, whereby Seurat used tiny dots and dashes of pure color, not unlike the red, green, and blue pixels that combine to display Instagram photos on our smartphones. If you stand too close, all you see are specks of colorful pixels — it’s only with distance that we gain perspective. It’s as if Seurat painted a digital photograph a full century before the first wave of digital cameras would hit retail shelves.

My Aunt Giving me and some other guy a lecture
  • Aunt:Hey Aneel you know you really need to start looking for someone.
  • Me:Umm okay...
  • Aunt:Yeah you are getting to that age and wouldn't it be great if you got married by 23?
  • Me:Well I really don't care when I get married.
  • Aunt:Well look around you... there are so many cute girls all over! You are smart and handsome, so you'll have your pick!
  • Me:(Don't know what to say) haha yeah...
  • Other guy:*looks at me like wtf*
  • Aunt (to guy):Hey you too! You are smart. You will find a great girl!
  • Me:*looks down at the guys socks that have flowers on them*
  • Aunt:*finally leaves*
  • Me:WTF was that all about?
  • Other guy:Right??
  • Me:Wait...um... are you gay?
  • Other guy:wtf umm haha uhhh yeah but dont tell anyone
  • Me:omg lolz me too. well that was a wasted convo wast it?
  • Other guy:fuck i thought i was the only gay one in the family
  • Me:shit i guess its in our blood?

Wait a second!Stop where you are standing. Feel the breeze making it presence felt on this Sunday afternoon. See the man lying out there on the ground near the riverside.  Imitate him or follow the girl running around the park or sit like the woman observing a bunch of flowers. All you need is to wait and let your body absorb the light. The Sun here shines brightly and the bodies present in the park beautifully emanate the eternal light making the whole park bright and beautiful….(Read More)

 Interpretation on A Sunday Afternoon At La Grande Jatte

by  Georges Seurat -