Jatilan - A Trance Dance

Every once a year in the foothills of the volcano Merapi, Cangkringan, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, has always held traditional ceremonies ‘Labuhan’ which always displays a distinctive art tradition from Java, Jatilan trance dance.

Jatilan is a kind of dance trance, that is to be seen in many places in Java, in the towns and villages. Another name for Jatilan is a braid or Jaran Jaran Dor (horse is a horse in Java, the door is the sound of a whip). 

He moves wildly, rolled on the floor several times repeated by shamans whipped-cream – Jatilan group leader, all of them quite vicious.  The breathtaking action of the dancers is trance when he eating raw rice field and electric light or other materials made of glass. Sometimes he eats a bowl of chili too hot.This is something beyond logic. The show lasts about 30 minutes.  The most important person in Jatilan is a healer, a leader who has the power to Supernatural. He has the ability to trance dancers when the dancers begin to have control, and finally had ordered him to stop and consciously put it back.  After a brief pause, the group must continue to play Jatilan way somewhere else.

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#JaranKepang atau #Jatilan atau Doger atau #KudaLumping adalah tarian mistis dari Jawa, khususnya #JawaTimur. Tarian ini dimulai dgn pembakaran dupa untuk memanggil arwah agar merasuki para penari dengan pakaian khas dan kuda-kudaan dari anyaman bambu sehingga mampu melakukan hal-hal yang tidak lazim seperti makan bara api, pecahan kaca, bunga, sabut kelapa dan atraksi lainnya.

A mystical traditional #dance named Jaran Kepang, Jatilan, Doger or widely known as #KudaLumping came from #Javanesse culture. The dance started with incenses burning to call the ancestor spirits to posses the dancers whom ride a flathorse so they can do such impossible things like eat pieces of glasses, fire, flowers, and other atractions.

Un mystique traditionnelle danse nommée #JaranKepang, #Jatilan, Doger ou largement connu comme Kuda Lumping venu de la culture Javanesse. La danse a commencé par brûler l’encens pour appeler les esprits des ancêtres pour posséder les danseurs qui montent un crevé dada afin qu’ils puissent faire de telles choses impossibles, comme manger des morceaux de verres, d’incendie, de fleurs et d’autres atractions.


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