An excerpt from the Jathiswaram in Kalyani Ragam. I adore videos that capture the classroom environment in Kalakshetra. Their open door policy allows anyone to tour the campus and view their classes. I highly recommend paying the school a visit if you’re ever in Chennai. The environment evokes a serene state of mind. It’s easy to lose yourself in the beautiful sights, against the backdrop of sounds of stomping feet mingling with the chirps of birds.


Medha Hari is back!

It looks like she has created her own YouTube channel recently. She uploaded some old dance videos which used to be available for free on her website, as well as some never before seen clips.

I loved watching this video of hers. The combination of her child-like dancing with the playful tone of the nattuvangam, paints a beautiful picture of Krishna the cowherd.


Thought I’d show you guys this kick ass mini from Jati Longboards,

Straight from their site http://www.jatiboards.com/web2/?page_id=15 



WIDTH: 8.75″


CONSTRUCTION: 8-maple ply + fiberglass stringer

You asked for it and we’re delivering! Kato is our new compact cruiser that’s perfect if you want versatility in a small, lightweight board. The low drop-through makes pushing so simple you can use it for everyday cruising. Made from 8-maple ply with a stringer of fiberglass, KATO is still the solid and sturdy board you expect to get from Jati.

DECK (Gripped): $ 80.00”