Free Music Friday: JJ & The Spectacular, Bit Candy, and more!

Back-to-school jitters or blues? Stoaked or bummed on sweater weather? Wherever you fall on the spectrum of saying goodbye to the summer sun these Friday freebies will be a great soundtrack to the inevitable turn of the season.

Jason Joseph

Two lovely offerings from LA’s Jason Joseph: “Don’t Let Go” and a cover of “Electric Feel.” Funky, big-band arrangement on “Don’t Let Go” with just enough 70’s sitcom theme-song vibe to find a nook in my heart. Joseph’s cover of ”Electric Feel” is a solid, soulful representation of the original by MGMT. Good listen!


Bit Candy September 2013 Sampler

At the cutting edge of everything neo-Indie, BitCandy.com’s free, curated radio site is headquarters for informed Chill Out, EDM and Alt-Pop fans. This 11 song mix has an overall light, fun and upbeat tone. Indicative of the sound that has come to be the latest incarnation of the Indie genre. I especially enjoyed Mother Falcon’s “Dirty Summer” track with it’s horn section, driving rhythm and large choir-like vocals. Another favorite of mine being Cousin Marine’s “You’ve Been Fooling Me Baby.” I can’t help but draw some parallel to Bow Wow Wow’s “I Want Candy.” But that only holds true if you imagine “I Want Candy” as electronic, a tad dark and totally on the nod.

Katelyn Benton

Benton’s new release “Fix” hits me at my Thespian heart-center. This song seems perfectly crafted for a GLEE sequence or as a feature song in Joss Whedon’s infamous Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode, One More Time with Feeling. The dynamic composition builds up then contains itself once again - creating great pressure towards an eventual climax that (for me) simply triggers my fantasy world full of impromptu synchronized dance moments. 



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