One of the really cool things about Kickstarter and what it’s done for comics is that you can have the experience of heading to a con and walking down Artist’s Alley to see what’s new and interesting without ever leaving your house. It’s a cool feeling, especially when you find something that seems immediately thrilling, like I did when I caught a glimpse of Jason McNamara and Greg Hinkle‘s The Rattler, a new 96-page graphic novel that just met its funding goal.

It was the premise that got me: A man watches his fiance as she’s abducted without a trace right in front of him, and then starts hearing her voice ten years later. It’s the kind of immediately chilling idea that I want to learn more about as soon as I hear it, and fortunately, that’s now an option


Heathers: The Musical (World Premiere Cast Recording)

Masterpost of Heathers: The Musical soundtrack with lyrics. Videos on youtube.

1. Beautiful

2. Candy Store

3. Fight For Me

4. Freeze Your Brain

5. Big Fun

6. Dead Girl Walking

7. Me Inside of Me

8. Blue

9. Our Love is God

10. My Dead Gay Son

11. Seventeen

12. Shine a Light

13. Lifeboat

14. Shine a Light (Reprise)

15. Kindergarten Boyfriend

16. Yo Girl

17. Meant to Be Yours

18. Dead Girl Walking (Reprise)

19. I Am Damaged 

20. Seventeen (Reprise)

The Zodiac Signs as Songs from Heathers the Musical

Aries: Candy Store
Taurus: Seventeen (Reprise)
Gemini: Beautiful or My Dead Gay Son
Cancer: Fight For Me
Leo: The Me Inside of Me or Blue
Virgo: Freeze Your Brain or Dead Girl Walking (Reprise)
Libra: Shine a Light or Lifeboat
Scorpio: Meant To Be Your’s or Our Love is God
Sagittarius: Big Fun
Capricorn: Seventeen
Aquarius: Dead Girl Walking
Pisces: Kindergarten Boyfriend

Press Release: The Rattler Slithers onto Kickstarter

Press Release: The Rattler Slithers onto Kickstarter

“How far would you go for love?” 

Jason McNamara and Greg Hinkle are offering their horror graphic novel, The Rattler, exclusively on Kickstarter. The campaign launched this morning.

The Rattlerfollows Stephen Thorn, a prominent and bitter victim’s rights advocate who built his career on the disappearance of his fiancée ten years earlier. His world is turned upside-down when he begins to receive…

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Heathers the Musical Crack Vid