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OPEN | Lee McAvoy | 32 | Male | FC: Jason Pitt

Lee McAvoy was at the Library during the attack of the Vashta Nerada in the 51st century. He was saved, like all the others, by being uploaded to the hard drive of the computer.

At some point he was introduced to the newly downloaded Donna Noble, by Doctor Moon. They fell in love and got married, having a simulated son Josh and simulated daughter Ella.

Lee and Donna lost each other while being rescued from the computer, Donna’s last words to him being a promise that she would one day find him. Donna was led to believe that Lee wasn’t a real human. It turned out that he was a human after all, but since he had a stuttering problem, he couldn’t call out to her when she left with the Tenth Doctor.

“Lee” was apparently not his real name, as Donna determined that no one with that name was in the Library when the Vashta Nerada attacked.

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20 Celebrities’ Suprising Real Names


Celebs ofte change thar names becawz someone else alreddy registeret t'same monik'r wit t'Scree Acters Guild er becawz Lady Gaga sounds mer cosmopolitun an’ pop starry thun Stefani Germanotta.   Jasen Merritt/Gettee Images   Thar air sartin cases whar I totallee unnerstan why a change wuz n’ o…


Eighty Six Carats est le 10eme titre de l'album “ Ze Project ”
avec un montage signé Paul Degout (y)

Dans son écrin de velour rouge, nous vous offrons aujourd'hui notre plus belle pépite sonore…
Pour ce travail de haute joaillerie nous somme parvenu à fusionner notre amour pour les énormes basses tellement hiphop, un Abstract gimmick electro discret mais inévitable et une présence Rock and rollesque de la guitare saturée.

Inspiré du Film Snatch de 2000 de Guy Richie avec Brad Pitt et Jason Statham, le film est dans sa plus belle version originale

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A+ et surtout… NOW WE ARE FUCKED…

Snatch (Blu ray)

No matter how often I watch Snatch, I never fail to be entertained. For a movie so similar in tone and style to Lock, Stock and Two Smocking Barrels, it is light years ahead on a performance and execution level. A lot of the enjoyment comes from the various plots unfolding and interesting so to say anything at all would be to spoil the fun. Suffice it to say that London and New York based gangsters, gypsies, an Eastern European arms dealer and two low-rent boxing promoters become entangled in a deliciously funny and violent caper with stunning visuals and an thumping soundtrack. Stand outs include Brad Pitt, Jason Statham (before he was Jason Statham, Action Man) and Rade Serbedzija, but the film belongs to Guy Ritchie, who is in such total control of his medium that it is next to impossible to not enjoy the ride.

AV quality was very good. PQ was strong – a stable, detailed image with good colour reproduction. AQ was most impressive. The track isn’t the most immersive but it does pack a punch when it matters, all delivered cleanly and with good directionality.

Film 9/10

PQ 8/10

AQ 8/10

Texted my New Orleans brotha right after that W the other night like “WHAT CHU WANA DO NIGGA?!!” This foo gon text me back “I got dub on it. Western Union fees included” 😐😳😆😂😂😭😭😭 it be the niggas with all the bands on they Jason Pitts shit lol. My brova @Pikasso9 (at Glo’s World 🌍)