all of these kids supporting veeoneeye & sam pepper are seriously pissing me off. “she could’ve said no blah blah blah!!” she was intoxicated & not in her right state of mind. “well she shouldnt have been drinking blah blah blah” well maybe jason shouldnt have been giving her drinks!!! god its so frustrating seeing people support sexual assault/harassment. if you support this shit & want to continue being blind to the obvious truth that they fucked up then please unfollow me 😫😫😫


I don’t understand how some of you can stand up for Jason. He may have apologized but it doesn’t always mean he is sorry. What he did is so, so fucked up and rapists do not deserve sympathy or forgiveness. He even lied to his own friends about it, do you know how stupid they must have felt? And no, it wasn’t just ONE girl and no, it isn’t a hoax.
If you honestly support him and feel sorry for him, you are messed up in the head and I hope it never happens, but you won’t understand the seriousness until it’s you or someone you love coping with rape.
It is a violation of our rights as humans, it is immoral and pointless. Possibly destroying someone’s life and view of themselves forever because you just wanted to get off? And more than 87% of rapists don’t even use condoms.
There are no excuses for rape and there should be no sympathy for cruel people.

How dudes from HoO react to this certain ship (Spoiler not spoiler)

Will: *walking towards Nico*

Girls be like: WooooHOOOO i fuking ship this!!!

Will: *trying to flirt with Nico*

Leo: Honestly I think Nico doesn’t give a shit.

Octavian: Hey losers cry babies look at me! I’m gonna destroy your camp!!! Hell, are u even listening?!!

Frank: I dunno man… I’m gonna stick with the girls…

Bob: Where am I… Am i dead?

Jason: God bless the Solace guy, Nico will slash his throat right away.

Percy: HaHa, fat chance, Solace. That will never work.

Nico: *blushes seeing Will*
Dudes: DAFUQ!



You DONT KNOW Jason. You do not know half the things that he does. You do not know him. 
What kind of duplicity?! 
"We can’t judge people who do not know" 
"JASON terrible person!!" 
This 15 year old girl has a brain and can think. Could think of  before agreeing to it. just because she is regret about that slept with him. IT does not give her the right to speak “he raped me.” 
Jason has admitted his mistake, especially since it was a few years ago 
And so I watch them. i like BriBry and more. but I do not think Jason’s a bad person. Each fallible. Some people make things worse, but they do not get as much hate as now gets Jason. 
Have a good day :)

"Stay strong Jason"

Have you heard? Right after Sam Pepper has been repeatedly called out for his illegal actions of harassing fans, another youtuber “suffered” the same thing. Veeoneeye, or Jason, twenty at the time, gave a 15 year old alcohol and tried to/did (I dunno) have sex with her. 15 is under the age of legal consent in Britain, I did my research. So what he did was rape. A crime, in case you didn’t know that.

Now today, there are people around the world writing his name on their wrists, telling him to stay strong, because it wasn’t his fault, because he didn’t know better. Who in the world thinks it’s right to influence a minor until she says yes to something she didn’t want to? Who in the world thinks it’s right to use his or her power over someone to make someone have sex with you? In case you reading this are one of those people: You cannot, I repeat you CANNOT do something like that.

There are several things and people who would be there to tell you that, like the FUCKING LAW for example.

“It’s okay, he apologised.”
So it’s okay if someone rapes you in whichever way and then apologises? It’s okay if someone kills you and then apologises? These type of things cannot be undone, and I am asking you from the bottom of my heart, to not ever support someone who committed these type of crimes.

“It’s okay, everyone makes mistakes.”
THEN LET’S JUST FUCKING THROW OUR ENTIRE SOCIETY (including the good parts, like prohibiting crimes) OUT THE WINDOW. It is NEVER okay to do that to anyone.

“It’s okay, he was only 20”
I don’t know how It is in the UK, but in Switzerland there is a slightly different law for young people. It is for everyone up until they are 18. And then they are fully responsible for their actions, positive as well as negative ones. They are considered adults, who know and understand what is right and what is wrong. So no. It’s not okay to commit a crime and excuse it with your age. It can however be something to be taken in consideration until your 18, but after that you’re on your own buddy.

“It’s okay [some other bad excuse]”

If you defend him, you are part of the problem.

If you defend him, you are part of the rape culture.

If you defend him, you are wrong. In so many ways.

Please wake up, and please realise that he made a mistake that cannot be that easily forgiven.