National bestfriend day!?

Okay, i just saw MY BESTFRIEND post about this & i was so moved because she wrote about me in it. But aye! No one told me there was such a day..? If i knew i would have taken time out of my life & gave them my thanks & have a good time with them.. Im regretting that i didnt know.. Anyways about my bestfriends. I have many friends, but there are a few i can truly call my bestfriends. They are Angela Kim, Katrina Dorn & Jaskern Kaur. Okay, their more than my best friends. Their someone i can just be myself around & tell secrets too & whatnot. Angela is like my wife & i guess for somereason she became a husband too ;) but really she is like a sister. Katrina is a daughter to me. I dont know why, its weird cause shes more mature.. Aha.. Jaskern is like my daughter too. We have a hate-love relationship ;) their all like my sisters even though we made a “family”. I known angela & katrina for 10 years & jaskern for 3. Yeah, it seems like id be closer to angela & katrina more than jaskern right? Haha well NO. Im just saying this now because im worry she might take it wrong way too. It doesnt matter if i known jaskern for 3 years, or however many years. I can trust her & be myself around her & it makes me feel like i known her forever. & just because me angela & katrina known each other for 10years doesnt mean we automatically are bestfriends. I know other people for like 9years? But i cant call them my bestfriend. I call angela & katrina my bestfriend because Of our bond. These 3 unknown creatures, are a pain in my neck sometimes but i want you guys to know i WUB you ;) & ill admit, i choose you guys over gdragon & taemin OMFG. Yeah.

& also my other bestfriend; JACK. We haven talked in months but we are now & i want him to know hes still my bestfriend. He always there to comfort me & help me out. I know he wont be reading this cause he dunno i have a tumblr but hes like a brother to me & he’ll get disgusted by this but i love him ;)

& alvin is just my GIRLfriend ;) i cant really callhim BEST FRIEND.

(sorry if this is long & doesnt make sense. Its like 1am & im so freaking tired & hungry)

FFF IMPORTANT PART! ill always be here for you guys & i hope nothing will ever separate us! & that our friendship will last forever! Not even a boy will tear us apart (lol i kinda wanna get into a boy fight with one of you like me pulling your hair & you grabbing me kicking me saying hes yours. Lol id laugh then hug you (: )

I'm getting sidetracked..

I NEED to stay focused on the thing most important right now. I can’t allow myself to waste anymore time. Everything else, can wait.