D-1 Under wear contest for our Heroe !

 Big thank to our great fellows @Albert Buun : albertbruunart.blogspot.dk
(2 first) and @Jasha Minkjan : @pistasha and Alexei Barosso from Mexico ! 
Have an awesome day !

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Lets out a very satisfied sigh as he walks to the kitchen.

The cooler weather’s finally arriving, and while at upward it wasn’t MUCH cooler, it was still nice. Jasha could smell it, smell the season on the air. Maybe he could transfer to Mountain Lab for the winter, get some snow in his hands again.

Weekly Update: November 8th


Saturday [ Novemeber 8th ] 80° || 53° Sunny

Sunday [ Novemeber 9th ] 80° || 51° Sunny

Monday [ Novemeber 10th ] 78° || 46° Sunny

Tuesday [ Novemeber 11th ] 72° || 46° Sunny

Wednesday [ Novemeber 12th ] 69° || 46° Sunny

Thursday [ Novemeber 13th ] 67° || 46° Sunny

Friday [ Novemeber 14th ] 59° || 43° Sunny

Battle Results [ Novemeber 3 - November 7 ]

Monday: BLU
Tuesday: BLU
Wednesday: RED
Thursday: RED
Friday: BLU

Winning team: Builders League United.


  • Bruce
  • Holden Fitzpatrick
  • Jasha Cherny 


  • Alexandru Kostas
  • Adalaide Marcks
  • Ilario “Ri” Akiyama De Vitis

OOC: If your character ever has a poor week please notify us before Saturday, and we’ll take them off the potential list of MVP. MVP is selected at random so we can’t predict who will be selected.

Chore Duty

Kitchen/Mess Hall

  • RED: Anthony Stark
  • BLU: Daneil Graff

Bathrooms/Locker Rooms

  • RED: Dr. Dieter Von Röte
  • BLU: Dalton Smith

Rec Room/Gym

  • RED: Lysandre Ankah
  • BLU: Riley O’Neil

Corpse Duty

  • RED: Aide Extarte
  • BLU: Patches Masnie

A reminder, mercenaries. Those who earn MVP status are exempt from chore duty. If you are dissatisfied with your assigned duties, it would behoove you to step up your game.


Finnigan Strickland has transferred out of Upward.


The following supplies are running low at Upward and will remain so for the following two weeks until shipments arrive. Please ration accordingly:

  • Everything is running on time.


New Christmas decorations should be arriving shortly— I expect both teams to furnish their bases with said decorations.

Movistar Team Roster for 2015

Andrey Amador (CRC, 28), Winner Anacona (COL, 26), Igor Antón (ESP, 31), Eros Capecchi (ITA, 28), Jonathan Castroviejo (ESP, 27), Alex Dowsett (GBR, 26), Imanol Erviti (ESP, 31), Rubén Fernández (ESP, 23), John Gadret (FRA, 35), Jesús Herrada (ESP, 24), José Herrada (ESP, 29), Beñat Intxausti (ESP, 28), Gorka Izagirre (ESP, 27), Ion Izagirre (ESP, 25), Pablo Lastras (ESP, 38), Juanjo Lobato (ESP, 25), Adriano Malori (ITA, 26), Javi Moreno (ESP, 30), Dayer Quintana (COL, 22), Nairo Quintana (COL, 24), José Joaquín Rojas (ESP, 29), Enrique Sanz (ESP, 25), Marc Soler (ESP, 21), Rory Sutherland (AUS, 32), Jasha Sütterlin (GER, 22), Alejandro Valverde (ESP, 34), Fran Ventoso (ESP, 32), Giovanni Visconti (ITA, 31)

{face your fears} It’s hard to overcome the things that scare you, that’s why we call them ‘fears.’ If we sit, wait, and wish for these things to change, they never will. Surrounding yourself with friends that push you to challenge yourself and constantly fight complacency, will help you overcome more than you ever could have imagined.

There is no top. There are always further heights to reach. 

- Jasha Heifetz