Hello! This morning marks the launch of DogeChet v2! With some (no way, A LOT) of help from Jasdoge of such-nom the site looks and feels great! My design skills are nill and it showed with the original. Thanks /u/Jasdac YOU ROCK!!!With the new version we are now offering referral bonuses as well as a bit different strategy with regard to advertising.Referrals get you 25% of whatever your referral earns, for life.Adblock is no longer an instant game over for the site. If a user is detected as having used adblock, their payout will be half the normal amount, ie; 40 Doge becomes 20 Doge. If this policy doesn’t pan out (i can’t continue to run the site due to the wife killing me for giving ALL my Doge away) we will revisit and change up our strategery (Thanks G.Dubs!).All that said, the first 100 Shibes that I see in here will each get 100 Doge, just cause! GET SOME!!! via /r/dogecoin

Very donate, such easy: D7XqvVX4zRop6rWkY1HBmRUJzGfGdxyBbS