So there’s this Steven Universe theory blog...

And the title of the blog is stevenuniversetheory. My roommate runs it, and she’s been into Steven Universe since Rebecca Sugar proposed it to Cartoon Network. Needless to say, she LOVES talking about these theories to the point where she’ll read the really well thought out ones aloud to me while I draw. If you’re into the same thing or just really appreciate said theories, check it out. Even if you don’t follow, some of the posts are VERY well put together and are well worth the read.

So I am watching Akatsuki no Yona because my dear friend Mythika said “dragons” and I was like “you’ve got me already” and I’m LAUGHING MY SOCKS OFF!!!

And then Ao appeared and I’m just squealing…”OMG AO I NEED YOU PLEASE! I LOVE YOU! WHY ARE YOU SO DARN CUTE!?”
And she goes: “Because she is awesome and squirrel, we will never be squirrel, just awesome.”
I nearly peed myself…

thecloseryoulook-thelessyousee asked:  Ahem. Ship meme. Jeff/Annie. That is all.

·         who holds the umbrella when it rains

Jeff does, because he’s tall and can shelter them both effectively that way. 

·         who is the grumpiest in the morning

Jeff, usually, but since both he and Annie are morning people he soon forgets his grumpiness when he sees her smile. 

·         who worries more when the other is sick/hurts

 Jeff starts out as this in their earlier years of knowing each other but by their in their fifth year of knowing each other, this slowly begins shifting to Annie, though Jeff still ends up worrying more because when she gets hurt, fear overwhelms him because he can’t lose her. He can’t. Because he loves her, and because she makes him feel alive again. She gives life to him. She’s his Eve.

·         who plays pranks on the other

 Annie is always the one to end up playing pranks on Jeff. Most of them are tiny pranks, like moving the objects on his desk around. Jeff rarely notices though, but when he does notice he pretends to act all annoyed with her whilst still giving her one of his big dumb happy grins. 

·         who is always the first to suggest cuddling on the sofa

Jeff, after a long day of teaching (because now he’s making an effort, again and because he and Annie have been married for five years now) will often come home, head for the sofa, and then gesture for Annie to come over. The best part of his day is when Annie snuggles up against him and he can feel the pressure of her body on his as their hearts begin to beat in sync.

·         who insists on creating nicknames for the other

That one was all Jeff, so many years ago when he first uses it to sweet-talk Annie (and the rest of the group) into not lecturing him for being late, but it all changes when that little nickname he uses for Annie – “Milady” – turns into something else the night of the pep rally.

 And despite it being six years with that endearment exchange of “Milady – Milord” they’re much too content with it to bother ever changing it. 

·         who drools on the other when they’re asleep

 When they sleep together in bed, Annie is so small she fits perfectly in the curve of Jeff’s body as he nestles up against her. Jeff is too meticulous to ever really drool, but sometimes his mouth gets tangled up in her hair and she wakes up with his scent on her in the morning.

·         who says ‘I love you’ first

 According to their history, Annie does during the first time they team up to investigate conspiracies at the school. It’s an off-script moment, one that somehow always brings them back around to each other.

“Jeff, I only did it because I love you!” Annie blurts out, and even within the guise of their acting, it merits the slightest reaction from Jeff as his face flickers slightly as Annie gasps.

It’s in this way that when their kids ask to hear their story later; Jeff admits that Annie said it first – even if only by proxy of acting – even though once he found the courage he said it first. This response just makes their children roll their eyes and say, with infinite annoyance, that “Mom and Dad say ‘I love you’ whenever they say ‘Milady Milord’ to each other.”

Whenever that happens both Jeff and Annie smile slyly at each other and agree to a draw.

Met je koffers in je hand
stond je voor de open zee
‘Op een dag ga ik weg
ga je dan met me mee?’