Jared and I are freaking stellar.

Apgar: “did you change any of the characters at all?”

Me: “well, we changed Elizabeth into Eliza and made her a loud, sassy bitch that swears a lot.”

Jared: “we also changed tituba into tatiana and Sarah Good into Sarah Bad…. Just for fun.”

they all think we are insane.


jaredimperio replied to your photo: Noms

Have you ever put dark chocolate cocoa powder in that yogurt? It kind of makes it taste like a chocolate covered cherry and oh lawd

Haha oh my gosh I haven’t!
But I used to always do plain greek yogurt, frozen berries, cocoa powder, and vanilla protein powder. That was supaaaa.

I’ve been having more clients lately & I’ve been practicing more on my mannequin heads, and it’s SUCH a nice feeling knowing & feeling your skills getting better. I am so much more confident in my work, and everything is finally starting to click. I am still having trouble with color, but that just comes with more time and experience. Happy jaredimperio is happy.

So my life’s been pretty great lately. I’ve been spending lots of time with my boyfriend, Sheala, and Kaeley since she’s in town. It’s going to be so sad when she leaves and KAELEY IF YOU’RE READING THIS I WILL GET OFF MY SCARED LAZY ASS AND DRIVE DOWN THERE ONCE YOU GO BACK I SWEAR.

And I’ve been working and I just have easy classes at school and yeah. Things are good. Things will be better though once I get my senior project completely finished and hear from Paul Mitchell the school Lexington.

I suck at text posts.


My birthday was pretty great today. My boyfriend came over woke me up this morning and it was really sweet and aw. Anyway, we started the day off right by devouring a huge bowl of oatmeal and watching Friends. After that, once I did a few things around the house and got ready it was already time to leave. My family took me to Red Lobster because that’s where I said I wanted to go. I’m not a huge seafood person, it’s just that I really wanted to try lobster and knew that that was the only way I would ever get too. That’s too expensive for me to pay for! It was pretty good, I guess. The service was bad and people have staring problems, but it was still a good time. Also, Kyle got to go with us. 

Once we got home I had my dad hang up some posters in my room and I put my new bedspread and sheets on my bed. *I’m going to post pictures of my new room hopefully tomorrow. It’s actually my old room, but I switched back. And painted it teal.* 

Then we had cake and ice cream and it was so good omg. Brave cupcake cakes with red velvet cake ice cream. asdfklbjjkaajfg

Then we did some other things, got on the computer, watched some more Friends, ate more, went to Kyle’s house… and that’s basically it. 

I got money from my mom and dad, Ellie Goulding’s CD from Kyle, and Sheala is paying for my tattoo. And I’m getting money from my Gram tomorrow. 

Happy my birthday to you!