MISSING: Have you seen Jaquiline Christine Vassall?

Jaquiline, aged 50, described as vulnerable, was last seen leaving her care home on Ascot Road in Moseley at 8.15AM this morning (06/03). She left without her medication and police are concerned for her safety.

She is described as being, 5’7 and slim with short afro hair and was wearing a pink long-sleeved top, beige trousers and flat black shoes with Velcro fastening.

PC Lesley Pulling, from Kings Heath Police Station, said: “Jaquiline has learning difficulties and doesn’t normally go out on her own- she is extremely vulnerable and we are appealing for anyone who has seen her to contact us. It is believed she may have walked towards Moseley Village.”

Please call WMP on 101 if you have ANY information.

Masquarade La Pandora-3

"Break, take care of your Liam. He’s had too much to deal with already. He needs you." Jaquiline said in a tired voice, as she tenderly held her sobbing husband. She gently stroked his hair, and whispered soft nothings to him. But the one thing she didn’t do was say that everything was alright. Because it wasn’t. And lying to Alia was one thing that Jaquiline Nightray had sworn to herself, that she would never do, not then, not ever. And certainly not now.

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Just had to throw it back to the Central Valley days in Turlock. I’m more so missing not the place so much, but all the wonderful faces I came to know there in two years. These are two examples of awesome people! C & Jaquilin miss ya both! Anyway I spent the greater part of the day lookin for these yesterday, because I knew they were taken 📷, but not 💯%….🍻🍺🍻🍺#TheGreatPeopleofTurlock #HQ #Remember? (at HeadQuarters)