He is a good friend. Mr. America. Mr. France, and I, we have a hobby of reading and interacting with the anime/manga/otaku culture. Hence, the other nations have taken to calling us the “otaku trio.”

Mr. France is fun to be around. He is always interesting to talk with, and once, long ago, I strove to be exactly like him. It did not work out well, however, but now I respect our differences and similarities.

((France is of course, the famous askcosplayfrance, and the America is the fabulous, the-ameriderp!))


As a couple… they are rather loud. Mr. England interrupts a lot of my gaming sessions with Mr. America with phone calls that end up rather hurting my ears, as I often have the volume up on my headsets to better hear the game noises. The calls often end up in our sessions being ended and my ears aching a little bit, both from Mr. England’s combined screeching and Mr. America’s naturally loud voice.

So to more directly answer your question, anon, I think they are rather loud.

((america is tumblr user expertinsuperherobutts. Thanks, Rhen!!!!

Also, sorry if the gifs are not the best. I am still getting used to Photoshop.))