Today in Pictures [October 1st]

- Today marks the start of yet another Rilakkuma thing to obsess over: Misdo’s towels. Gonna grad a donut or 2 for breakfast after my morning lesson and start collecting the 8 tickets you need by the 26th for one! I’m halfway through the Lawson’s one just in case you were wondering.
- After our 33 week appointment, we got excited about seeing Kina in yet another 3D ultrasound and getting the “she’s growing perfectly” from the chief doctor, so we ordered her very first set of wooden toys. Wooden, natural-style toys seem to be all the rave in Japan right now.
- Hit up Costco & stocked up a bit. Enjoyed it not being insanely crowded for once. Shopping there is always fun with Daisuke a.k.a Mr. Calculation because he analyzes literally everything we buy to make sure we can’t get it any cheaper at our local store. He puts the cheap old ladies to shame!
- Costco’s Hokkaido soft cream is DELICIOUS & only ¥200! It got all melty before we even got to the car because Fukuoka hasn’t caught the hint yet that it’s Fall…
- Felt like my mom today while I separated all of the meat into storage bags to keep in the freezer. Thank goodness we bought a bigger fridge this year because the usual Japanese ones are tiny & I can’t keep going to the grocery store every other day just for meat because I never just buy what I went there for. 勿体無い!
- Finally figured out the perfect amount of wakame to put in my miso soup I’ve been trying to make weekly. I use dehydrated seaweed but when I soak however much I choose, I always end up with WAYYYYY too much. But tonight, I think I finally figured it out - if you think it’s not enough, it’s enough.

Hello, October!

It’s getting pretty chilly here. I’m already layering and wearing hats. I love fall but we usually get snow by the end of October so I ‘m going to try to enjoy it while it lasts.

A special thing about October is that next week it will be the first year anniversary of Dai’s stem cell/bone marrow transplant. For any new followers who aren’t familiar (and were spared my bazillion posts on it before), here is some basic info  about BMTs (and info on how to become a donor. It’s easy! it’s painless! It’s free!!! do it already jeeze)

In a way this is a first “birthday” for him. His immune system is totally new. He has none of the immunity he had, none of the vaccines or built up resistances. His old system has been completely overtaken, so his body makes someone else’s blood— if you tested him, instead of the AB type man he really is, the test would say he’s a type B woman (his donor). He makes her blood, her white blood cells, using her genetic information… it’s amazing. Pretty spooky, too (haha).

I feel so blessed that we’ve both made it to this October. He’s full of hope— I asked him about planning to meet for Christmas/New Year, and he told me not to buy tickets, because he feels like he might be able to come home any month now. For him to say that…. I just felt so giddy all night. Totally fired up by his confidence.

This is probably the sort of post that belongs in November for Thanksgiving, but damn I’m just feeling really thankful today. I’m thankful for his hardworking medical team, thankful for his brave anonymous donor, thankful for my boyfriend’s inner strength. And of course I’m thankful for all of you here on Tumblr who keep up with us and support us from all corners of the world.

So happy October to y’all! I hope it’s a good one for all of us.

My favourite time of the day🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿 Afternoon coffee time😍 I got given three たい焼き (taiyaki) from my wonderful friend at work💜💕💜 She’s like a big sister😁 Gym’s closed so got home from work, brewed some coffee, prepped dinner, reheated this red bean taiyaki, poured some pure soy milk into the coffee & read 海月姫 (Kuragehime) for an hour or so💗💕💗💕💗