Takizawa Bakin 曲亭馬琴 (1767-1848) book covers, writer of Nansou Satomi Hakkenden 南総里見八犬伝 (Satomi and the eight “dogs”), a yomihon, or reading book, one of the popular genres of Edo-period (1600-1867) prose fiction - Editor : Yamazaki Heihachi, Edo - Japan - 1814-1842 - Part 1

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Commodore Matthew C. Perry (1794–1858) of the United States Navy arrives in Uraga 浦賀, Soshu province - Japan - July 8, 1853

(Perry’s steamship with a inset of “typical” American and the arrival of American ships into the port of Uraga 浦賀 in Soshuu Province, on July 8, 1853)

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