I went to a reunion with my mom and some of her friends. My mom and her friends all attended some form of English school in Japan, so there ended up being a lot of code switching. I’m sitting here surrounded by a circle of middle-aged bilingual English and Japanese speakers and I love sitting here just listening to their stories and seeing the linguistic aspects of their lives manifest. 

Of one of interesting things is that they use English pronouns with Japanese “endings.” They say meなんか , youなんか (which have no real translation), meたち (to the effect of meaning ‘us’). 

That picture I posted above is for a game that we all played. Upon arriving, we all received one colored necklace each, and if we catch someone saying one of the forbidden words, we get that other person’s necklace. For reference, the first word is something similar to the English “so…” or “therefore…” and the last word is kind of like “just a little” depending on the context. These words are used frequently in Japanese which is what made it really difficult for everyone to keep their necklaces! Fun game to save for events for you language geeks :*