I’m on Metformin and Janumet.  I control entirely with a low carb diet, those medications, and exercise.  I was really good about my exercise plan for a while, dopping my my A1C 0.5 points in just three months, but I seem to have gotten a bit lazy.  I’ve gained a little weight, and overloading on classes isn’t helping much.  But I’m trying to be better.  

I decided to start blogging about being a Type 2 because it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of blogs about it out there.  All I could find is Type 1 blogs and even though I love reading them, its a bit different for Type 2s.


janwicked replied to your post: "Ethnic"

Everyone in the planet is effing ethnic. We all have ethnicity…even white folks! Come on people get with the program. Only thing I would call you is Beautiful.

You got a point and thank you. I guess it’s the way people are using it these days to describe anyone that isn’t white that doesn’t sit well with me. “I only date ethnic girls” or “You have those glutes because your ethnic” Ugh.