january 22 2014




A massive Joyful 22nd birthday to the Smexy beast called Logan Lerman.

I know where we are fucking sucks. And I know that you need it. I know I won’t get it for a while. I know you won’t see this for a while either. I want you to know, that throughout everything we’ve had and everything yet to come, I love you, with as much as I can love you with. Even when I’m screaming and crying, I still love you. You did break me,but sometimes when things break, it’s because the pieces weren’t in the right places, we just have things to do for ourselves to make this the best relationship it can be, so throughout the time period we just began apart, I wish we grow closer, as friends and just as humans, and we learn to depend on ourselves and be the best us we can be, then we can coke together and set the world on fire. I love you more than you could ever imagine Matt, keep your head up, cope the right way, have fun, be safe. To the moon and back baby 💖🌚🚀@hoobinator


Today was strange. During block 8 I talked to my English teacher for 40 minutes about literature and Faulkner and philosophy and he’s mad and brilliant and I love it. He went to Uga, Colombia, and Emory and is an incredible writer and a thinker and I have no idea what drove him to want to be a teacher but I am so so glad that he became one because his class is incredible and inspiring and I look forward to it every day. I love school- I had a chemistry test and my teacher and I walked downstairs and talked all about it and the course beforehand, I then went to lunch and talked to some girls about formal and dresses and managed to make them laugh and that always helps my self esteem. I took these stupid pictures during lunch and ate some baby apples and my day was childish and irrelevant and good and that used to be so rare but more and more often I’m going to bed and waking up happy and every day I can appreciate this. Depression makes you realize happiness. I appreciate tiny details so much more now.

I’m an idiot and this post is dumb but this is my blog and my diary so if you don’t like it or don’t care then ok bye


Best. Night. Ever.

I totally don’t regret spending P7200 on Emerald seats.

I wish I also got nice seats for Phantom of the Opera

We got H305 and H306 for the show and it was nearly a full house. 


It was just so awesome I can’t even

So! We went to Harbor Square for very early dinner at Teriyaki Boy and we went to CCP around 6. So we took pictures and even got a free photo taken since Ate used her Visa and Visa had this photo op thing.

I bought two shirts and I’ve yet to upload photos of these awesome shirts. I wanted to buy all of them but it was P1000 or P1200 each! I also liked their mugs! 

Around 7:15 they let people in!

And man sis and I were just gaping at the awesome stage at the start because my god it makes me want to quit college and just become a props or stage person ohmygod and sis and I wish we pursued a career related to theater. 

The cast was absolutely awesome and and and well the speakers weren’t that loud round our area but that’s okay it was still awesome and magical and

ohmygod defying gravity guys. for good. popular.

what is this feeling so sudden and newwwwwwww

We arrived late and I ended up cramming my stuff for Lit (good thing it was postponed AHAHAHAA)

So right now I’m very sleepy and still stressed coz of Philo Orals but