Aquarius in Class

I wonder where I would be in five years. Hopefully I’m not learning history from this boring teacher. I bet I would be getting married. Or maybe I became a cop and was arresting someone! Wait, maybe I was arresting…

__y/n__, the board is up here, not out the window. God, you idiots will be working at the McDonalds.

I bet s/he would be selling drugs. Bad teacher to badass, I like it. Maybe I’ll end up on one of those shows:)

The signs as shiny things

Aries: bright lights used for filming

Taurus: a badass metal shield

Gemini: colorful Christmas lights

Cancer: tears

Leo: glitter

Virgo: the stars

Libra: diamonds

Scorpio: brass knuckles

Sagittarius: fireworks

Capricorn: glow sticks

Aquarius: a golden grill (like a rapper has ofc)

Pisces: Edward Cullen’s skin

The Signs around their crush
  • Aries:does rebellious and stupid things to show off
  • Taurus:talks about studying and sensible stuff
  • Gemini:laughs uncontrollably at everything they say
  • Cancer:smiles and stares without saying anything
  • Leo:brags about everything they have/can do
  • Virgo:stalks them so they can fake their interests
  • Libra:tries flirting but can't
  • Scorpio:stares at them and thinks about fucking them hard
  • Sagittarius:flirts with them without realizing that they're flirting back
  • Capricorn:talks about something irrelevant and pointless
  • Aquarius:shows off a lot
  • Pisces:thinks about them and stares at them but doesn't say anything because they're too shy
People Born in...
  • September:are the Loveliest
  • October:have Multiple and the Greatest Skills
  • November:are the Greatest Friends
  • December:have the Greatest smile
  • January:are the most Colorful-Minded
  • February:are the Bubbliest
  • March:have the most success in the Musical Arts
  • April:will have the best of luck if they're always looking for hope and happiness
  • May:have the Warmest Voice
  • June:are the Greatest Lovers
  • July:are the Strongest
  • August:are the Wittiest