After all this time (Jai and Luke Preference)


We met on a cold rainy day, he was walking alone and so was I. I saw him walk past me, I saw his gorgeous eyes. It was then i knew i needed him to be mine, was it love at first sight? I think so, what i felt for him when his gorgeous hazel eyes met mine was in-explainable. I took a chance and I said a hello, that one simple word soon transformed into something even better; love.

I remember our first date, when we went down to the docks and dangled our feet off the edge and talked for hours. I remember our first fight, oh how bittersweet it was. I remember our first kiss, his lingering gentle touch. His lips melted with mine just like it was meant to be. When he first my parents, they were a little hesitant, maybe it be his tattoos maybe his piercings or maybe his mouth. But nonetheless they soon saw past the outside and saw how nice he was and how happy he made makes me. 

Our love soon blossomed and he asked me to live with him and his brothers and best mates. I obviously said yes. I remember the tours and the songs, oh how proud I was. He grew even bigger the YouTube group blew up. Our love stayed the same, just like it was on our very first date. I remember his lame jokes and his protective cuddles. His angelic giggle and rough morning voice. 

We grew up quickly, our love never faded. Soon I found out I was pregnant and we were so over the moon. I remember everything, the first ultrasound, the announcement, baby shower, gender reveal, the birthing classes and the day our angel took her first breath. 

Here we are now 10 years later, our love ever growing. Our memories still developing, and as I look back on all the times we shared. Our kids are growing up, we have five now and one on the way. After all this time i’m still happy to say. That boy I said one simple hello to is still the boy I love to this day. Thank god for that hello, thank god for my bravery without him who would I be? After all this time I can officially say my life is complete. 


It was the first day of pre-school, I had no worries. My hair was in pigtails and my smile was happy. I ran out of my parents arms and onto the playground ready to make some new friends. I did just that, I met a boy his name is Jai he has a twin named Luke and an older brother named Beau. He liked drawing and so did I. We bonded over a 64 pack of crayola crayons and a animal coloring book. 

By grade 5, Jai was my only best friend. He was the only one that was worth it to me. He never judged me even in my worst of times and saddest of days. He was still the same boy I met on that august school day. By middle school I started seeing Jai as more than a friend. My feelings for him became love over friendliness and blushing over teasing. I told him how I felt and thank god I did because surprisingly he felt the same.

By freshman year we were officially a couple, we were happy and in love. People would tell us we were to young to know what love was. To young to be in such a serious relationship, but we didn't care it was us against the world. Our first fight was a tough one leaving us broken for days, we had been so tired and scared we blew up on each other. But soon enough we made up and we were back to being us. 

Prom came a long and Jai asked me to go with him, I had never seen him so dressed up until then. I wore a gorgeous red flowing dress, he wore a suit with a matching red tie. That night we danced on the dance floor till our feet became sore and our minds became tired. When we went home, He went to his house only to sneak into my room in the middle of the night. 

Now he we are, on our wedding day. I see that same look in his eyes he had on the day of our senior prom. As my father walked me to him, I saw tears glisten in Jai’s eyes and his cheeks began to flush. My breath caught in my throat by his handsome features and flawless suit. He took my hand in his and didn't let it go, He said I do and so did I. Now he is my husband and I am his wife. 

And even now as I lay in his arms, our faces now wrinkled and our age now old. That boy I met at the playground never did fade away, he was still there. Maybe only in my memory but as the night went on and our eyes began to close. After all this time he took my hand in his, and held it close to his heart. Murmuring a meaningful I love you, and taking his last breath. And even now all though my heart is pained, that young boy who kissed me on the swings turned into one of my wildest dreams. 

A/N: So in honor of our babies 20th birthday here is a little preference i hope you guys like it!