Kim Hyun Joong's best kiss

24-YEAR-OLD Korean singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong revealed that his best kissing scene from his most recent mini drama Playful Kiss involved a heavy downpour.

The leader of Korean boyband SS501 also revealed that he likes his pretty-boy image, but admitted he was not entirely satisfied with his face.

Having been dubbed “The 2nd Bae Yong Joon”, the Korean dreamboat shares his desire to be an international star in his own right.

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Jangnanseureon Kiseu

Playful Kiss

Korean TV Show. 

Its making me laugh so hard. It is the most silliest bizarre show I have ever seen. Hannah Montana does not even top that.

A girl has a crush on the smartest guy in school for three years. When she finally confesses, he rejects her in front of the entire school. Guess how he does it? He corrects her grammar in her love letter! (I was like, what? lol) And he says he does not like stupid people. (he is the top student in school!)

Her friends want to cheer her up, so they come to her house for dinner and joke, and what not. Her and her dad just moved in, the house is new. One of her friends, a guy who has a huge crush on her, decides for some reason to bang his head against one of the supporting walls, and the whole house begins to collapse! The whole story is on the news, and one of old friends of the girl’s dad sees it, calls the TV station, and basically invites the two to stay at his house.

And guess who lives there too?

That’s right! That same guy who rejected the girl!

It turns so hilarious xD Every time it just gets more ridiculous. I swear I laughed so hard I had to run to the bathroom more than usual. xD

My descriptions are always rough, and brief..if you want more, PM me or google :D