"The Flow of Vishnu"

Andrea Roselli demonstrates Janet Stone’s yoga practice in four-and-a-half minutes. // Level/Duration: Int 41 min. // Song: “American Dream” — Jakatta // Free Yoga

Day ONE: Dina vs The Yoga Mat

DAY ONE: Dina vs The Yoga Mat

I have never been a big fan of yoga. I’m going to be honest.  I may even have an irrational fear of it.  In the past, my Dina brain felt that all the breathing, and bending, and holding, would not make me as strong as say hitting a bag, or person, or doing a much higher paced circuit workout lifting weights. I believed that to be strong you had to do things that were strong, had to feel yourself working hard. I also had self conscious issues growing up which literally caused me to build up a shield around my chest to protect it from being hurt, or me being vulnerable. Which let me tell you was a hell of a time to break through during grad school (shout out to Judy Lee #BrooklynCollege).

Luckily; my Dina brain has pulled its head out if its ass and finally has begun to see the value in yoga.  Also some thanks go to a extremely caring boyfriend who can see how it will help me with not only my fighting skills, but my stress levels as well.  He’s the one who actually bought me the previously pictured yoga mat and a Janet Stone video to go with it.

PS: CHECK HER OUT! She is one pretty bad ass yogi!

PPS: I use PS alot, so get used to it :D


When someone genuinely has your best interests in mind, it’s hard not to take their advice or at least try out the yoga video.

I will quickly backtrack and say that the same frustrations I’ve expressed over the past 2 years while learning the art of stage combat has been that I always feel like I looked bulky or awkward. And have questioned how I can improve this. 

Well the answer is: It begins with the whole body, being long and lean and strong and letting your weapon (whatever it may be), become an extension of you. 

I can be a bit of a bull in a china shop at times… 

1. I’m also a Taurus, so that doesn’t help

2. Sadly that idiom has been proven BUSTED on Mythbusters. (but guess what we are still going to roll with it, because there is a point coming) See link below, it’s quite funny.


3. I’m also the girl on XBOX live that will rush into Horde more on Gears of War chainsaw blazing because clearly it’s the smart thing to do, and much more fun. (I swear I AM a team player)

So now here’s the point…

If I tried to use a weapon with my previous mentality I had about being “Strong” I would come across as looking awkward, overexerting energy, and bashing down on the weapon. Where what I needed to do was breathe, extend, and be fluid.

Is it just me, or does that sound like yoga to you????

So yoga it is. The first discipline I will be learning for MMPR. 

I’m not saying breathing and being fluid makes me uncomfortable, but that opening up of the body with my restless mind can be difficult. I know my demons well; and my first is getting flustered when I can’t do something correctly quickly because I feel like I’m failing. If I knew I could beat my hamstrings with a meat tenderizer for like an hour to get them to stretch out for good, I would do it regardless of the pain to get the results; rather than stretch them out properly everyday sans pain. 

Impatience; clearly; is my second demon. It sorta looks like cross between a Moogle and a Monkey, and it likes to laugh at me, and throw poop at me any chance so it can frustrate me and send my brain in overload. And once that happens, no good comes from it. 

So yoga is like my new super upgraded giant poop catching impatience weapon!!! (are you still with me guys??) 

But to be serious; everytime I put one foot on that mat, these demons begin to creep up.  I hope to learn to let negative thoughts go, quite the mind, and breathe. Also yoga will give me a better understand of my body and how it moves, which can only help with the massive amounts of fight choreography I will be learning. It will take some time and practice, but with learning yoga, my biggest battle will be with myself. 

But trust me, I can take her ;)



Andrea Roselli demonstrates Janet Stone’s yoga practice in five minutes. // Level/Duration: Adv 53 min. // Song: “Lebanese Blonde” — Thievery Corporation // Free Yoga


"A Moment for Moms"

Andrea Roselli demonstrates Janet Stone’s yoga practice in two-and-a-half minutes. // Level/Duration: Int 23 min. // Song: “Phantom of the Panther” — Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics // Free Yoga