By Ultimates 3 No. 1, in an alternate universe, a sex tape between Natasha and Tony Stark has been leaked to the public. According to Janet Pym, the tape is of unknown origin and seems to have been professionally done with “close ups”. Stark is shown to be in a state of depression over Natasha’s betrayal and subsequent death. It is later revealed that one of the Ultrons, calling himself Yellowjacket had leaked the tape. 

I’m just like crying because I’m thinking about Janet van Dyne and how far she’s come. In the beginning she was a rich girl with a good heart and now she’s that and so much more. She’s a leader and so much stronger than she was. She’s learned that love hurts and has moved on and moved back and knows you have to love what you have. She’s been independent, shown extreme loyalty and bravery. She’s made mistakes and learned from them. She’s been all sorts of badass and stood strong when other superheros have broken. She’s always known her place–an equal to every other motherfucker in the world. When she lost her husband (several times) she smiled and kept going, when she lost her money she smiled and kept going. When she’s been faced against her friends and the peopl she’s loved, she smiled and kept going. Not to mentioned the microverse and how tough she was in dealing with that. Janet van Dyne is a diva, a shopper, a ‘classic female’, and still one of the best role-models. Because being a strong woman isn’t a set box to shove everyone in. A woman can want a cute pair of shoes and love shopping and still be one of the strongest, most badass leaders in the Marvel Universe. And I’m just so proud of her and grateful such a wonderful character exists.

And as angry I am that she’s practically been cut, again, from the MCU universe. I’d rather she’s done well then that horrorfest that was the movie version of Viper. The MCU doesn’t know what it’s missing out on. That and the fact if Jan was aware she’d go gather Jennifer, Carol, Jessica, and all the others to make her own girl-power movie that she’d produce.