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Do you have any rizzles fanfiction that are still being continuously updated and are interesting. More multichapter stuff than just smut I that's ok? Thank you

I’m trying to recommend some that I haven’t too much before so I hope you enjoy some of these:

Puzzle Pieces | polotiz

Daylight | turtleback

After Vegas | sel1006

Unexpected | delba

The Surprise that Would Change Everything | LucyMaxine

Sixteen Again | societysnerd

My Saving Grace | tike12001


AU: In which Boston homicide detective Jane Rizzoli asks San Francisco M.E. Maura Isles for a consult on a case. Skype sessions on the case turn into Skype sessions after working hours and of a more personal nature and eventually into a meeting where they realize they have more chemistry than expected.

Bonus gif of a not-too-sure-of-herself and smitten Jane researching Maura on the internet before mentioning a meeting.