This is the ring Jonathan got me for our first Christmas together. It’s also my engagment ring, for the moment anyways. He’s going to get me another one when we make things “official.” Seriously though, I LOVE this ring, which is Tacori by the way… I don’t know how he’ll top this♥

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Wedding planning sucks.

I think the only time it’s actually fun is before you’re actually engaged. Once you’re engaged and you pick a date, it’s crunch time. You HAVE to make a decision and that’s what sucks. I like too many different things and it’s SO hard for me to decide on one thing. I keep telling myself that once I decide something, that’s it, but then I’ll go on pinterest and see 10 more things I like and I’m back to square one. And then once that happens I’m like, well maybe we should elope, but then I think about how much I want our parents and close friends there and it’s just like UGH. lol. And then Jon tells me the wedding is about me so it’s whatever I want, which is every girls dream, but it’s too hard because I can’t decide on anything! The only thing that hasn’t changed is the date and the colors.

I’m a mess and it’s only going to get worse…. Sorry Jon :/

Jonathan ordered my Kindle today!!!!!

He got me the Kindle Paperwhite and he showed me the case he got for me too. OMG HOW AM I GOING TO WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS?!?!

Greatest guy in the world? I THINK SO!!!!

Wedding Ideas...

So I’ve realllllly been into burlap and lace but here are some things I’ve been looking at for our wedding…. These are the colors we’re looking into. Invitations I think we’ll probably do the candles, not sure about the table runner and bows. Groomsmen are NOT going to be wearing suits or tuxes. We aren’t that formal, lol. Bridesmaid dresses will be grey or black, whatever the girls decide on. I want my bouquet to be baby’s breath And my dress will probably look something like this :)

Jon’s been awesome about letting me do whatever I want. This is why I love him♥