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Jam Artis: “A little bass solo (starting at 1:48) that Bruno decided to randomly throw out at me in Vegas over the weekend while vibing out to covers.”

This was for an Art Jam I conducted in a Facebook group called Jamsters, wherein we pick a theme or topic and contribute a piece to compile into a massive group shot or something. In this case, we all decided to do an “Avengers Invitational Jam,” probably because we were still high off the movie. I personally blame Joss Whedon.

The funny part was that most of the group decided to do lessor known characters like Vision and Beast. I went with Moondragon because, well, she’s been a favorite of mine since Warlock and the Infinity Watch back in the early 90’s. Let’s face it, Tom Raney made her the hottest bald woman ever. Period. She makes it work up to the point where hair would actually look weird on her. 




Event @ the office last July 30, 2013. I was asked to sing as an intermission for the program. I sang Fallin For You by Colbie Caillat. Though I was used to singing for the public as I was a part of the music ministry when I was still a YFC, I was sooo nervous when I sang in the office! I ended up forgetting some of the lyrics. Luckily no one noticed cos some did not know the song. Haha! I had fun though! My officemates totally showed their support for me. They even made signs and they call theirselves “Jamsters”. I appreciate this but they some cray cray people! Replacing their profile pics with my picture from college! Haha! But I loved what they did. I felt like a star for a day. LOL! :)