Jam Artis: “A little bass solo (starting at 1:48) that Bruno decided to randomly throw out at me in Vegas over the weekend while vibing out to covers.”

This was for an Art Jam I conducted in a Facebook group called Jamsters, wherein we pick a theme or topic and contribute a piece to compile into a massive group shot or something. In this case, we all decided to do an “Avengers Invitational Jam,” probably because we were still high off the movie. I personally blame Joss Whedon.

The funny part was that most of the group decided to do lessor known characters like Vision and Beast. I went with Moondragon because, well, she’s been a favorite of mine since Warlock and the Infinity Watch back in the early 90’s. Let’s face it, Tom Raney made her the hottest bald woman ever. Period. She makes it work up to the point where hair would actually look weird on her. 




Event @ the office last July 30, 2013. I was asked to sing as an intermission for the program. I sang Fallin For You by Colbie Caillat. Though I was used to singing for the public as I was a part of the music ministry when I was still a YFC, I was sooo nervous when I sang in the office! I ended up forgetting some of the lyrics. Luckily no one noticed cos some did not know the song. Haha! I had fun though! My officemates totally showed their support for me. They even made signs and they call theirselves “Jamsters”. I appreciate this but they some cray cray people! Replacing their profile pics with my picture from college! Haha! But I loved what they did. I felt like a star for a day. LOL! :)

So my friends are all turning up tonight and I felt kinda bad to be stuck in the house, but receiving drunk voicemails is 10000x better than anything I could’ve done tonight:

me: a voicemail? who still leaves voicemails? oh it’s the Jamster, I hope she didn’t need anything urgent…

a very intoxicated Jamelia: okay i love you and i don’t think i tell you enough of the time and i love you and i’m just mad that i don’t tell you enough of the time -hiccup- i mean i love you and i don’t tell you, ya know, enough of the time so this is me telling you and i hope you have a good time in church cause you’re SUCH a good singer [background voice: who is that? is that -insert name here-?] no, -hiccup- its Imani. God is so happy to have someone like you to praise him all the time and i love you -hiccup- and i wanna like tell you this everyday of your life like wtf is wrong with me. okay i love you enjoy Sunday, which is tomorrow, enjoy church, have a great time, -hiccup- i love you and i’ll see you i’ll see you i’ll i’ll see youuuuu on Mondayyyyyy

*dances around the room* promo time! I’m asking for your help, while the nugget snores away beside me, she actually doesn’t snore, I just added that for dramatic effect, anyway, do you see that up there? 1 follower! That is not okay, I swear she’s basically my twin, an anime nerd, phan af, ships all the ships, she just hasn’t been opened to the full world of tumblr, could you help me out? Share to spread the word and follow the nugget! Url is: the-lovely-fandom-potato

I remember that jamster commercial where they used justin and selenas name and it used to come out 3 percent ://


could not find this anywhere on tumblr.. why?

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“The longer they’re out there, the more they become what they really are.”

Because I believe Buttons deserves some of the spotlight <3 

From the moment I saw buttons, I knew he was a goner. Is it to much to ask for one beautiful creature like Buttons to survive?- or Beth to be alive? 

I wanted to give Buttons a little in memory of.  I really love the final result and Buttons is by far the best horses I have drawn yet!  Drawing Buttons also calmed more of my nerves for tonight’s finale. No matter what, I will always be a bethyler and have sold my soul to it! 

art - jamster-twd

buttons- AMC The Walking Dead

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Settlement With the Commissioner of Competition has Rogers Refunding Unwanted Prem Text Message Charges

Rogers was the first to announce today that an agreement had been reached with the Canadian Competition Bureau (CCB) to refund customers that were unknowingly charged for premium text messaging programs offered by Jesta/Jamster between January 1, 2011 and August 31, 2013 and by Mobile Messenger between January 1, 2011 and September 30, 2012.  These premium text messages were primarily a monthly subscription for games, quizzes, fact, horoscopes and ringtones.  The refunds will apply to both Rogers and Fido customers and will cost Rogers an estimated $5.42 million according to Patricia Trott, Director of Public Affairs at Rogers.

Raj Doshi, Rogers EVP for Wireless, said, “We’ve worked with the Competition Bureau to come to an agreement because it’s the right thing to do.  We heard from customers in the past that they had concerns with these third-party premium text services and between 2011 and 2013, we took action to protect our customers.  Last summer we stopped the program all together and today we’re going even further.”

After a five-month investigation, the Canadian Competition Bureau, announced in September 2014 that it was suing Rogers, TELUS, Bell and the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association for $31 million – $10 from each carrier and $1 million from the CWTA.  The investigation concluded that consumers were misled by the carriers – claiming that the “premium texting services” being offered by the carriers seemed to be free, but then showed up as repeat charges and cost the consumers between $10 – $40 a month and difficult to get removed from billings.  At that time the CCB issued a statement that, “Our investigation revealed that consumers were under the false impression that certain texts and apps were free.  Unfortunately, in far too many cases, consumers only became aware of unexpected and unauthorized charges on their mobile phone bills.”

Rogers and Fido announced current customers would automatically receive credits for the Premium Text Message Programs offered by Jesta/Jamster and/or Mobile Messenger during the indicated time-periods and former customers would be contacted by email or letter and have 120 days to contact Rogers to receive a refund.  According to Rogers announcement, the amount of the refunds would be: “$5 for each month a customer was charged for any of the Mobile Messenger Common Short Codes to a maximum of $5 per Feature Code – $10 per month for each month a customer was charged for the Jesta/Jamster Common Short Code during the above noted periods – Current wireless customers will receive a credit to their Rogers wireless account and former customers will receive a cheque.”

This class action settlement comes on the heels of a November lawsuit claiming that the carriers were rounding up the minutes on calls in order to charge more money.  Please hit us up on our Google+ Page and let us know if you are involved in this refund and if you think it was a fair settlement…as always, we would love to hear from you.

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When I am stressed about the Walking Dead season finale, I draw pretty landscapes 

everything: jamster-twd

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